The circumcision thread was interesting in that in tailed off into interpretations of Biblical scriptures (I hope I am referencing them correctly). I believe, and I pretend that I can reason in doing so, that interpretations of scriptures are responsible for the negative attitudes toward nudity that I referred to in my previous blog entry.

Interpretations of scriptures can justify any act or belief, good or evil. Of course, once having an interpretation of a scripture that justifies an act or belief, the act or belief itself becomes doing God's work. For example, the Apartheid system in South Africa, generally believed in some parts of the world to be evil, was justified by one passage from the Old Testament.

One of the posters on this site makes a reference to a Biblical passage where Jesus advised a group to remove and trample their clothing. Why is that scripture not popular? Actually, I hope it does not become too popular, lest the result being devout believers freezing to death in the cold winter.