My three year old grandson said to his mother, 'Mom! Hey mom! When I hold it too long it starts to get hard!'

The innocence of babes continually amazes me. I can not believe that I was once that innocent and then gradually became paranoid about so many social things that I resembled a bundle of irrational fears.

Then began the 'un-bundling' of fears one by one, examining each and saying, 'Why did I think that? Where did that idea come from?' Most of the time the source could not be discovered; perhaps time with a psychiatrist would have revealed the source. With each passing year I address more and more irrational fears; they seem endless.

All adults are at some stage of either accumulating or dismantling misconceptions about life. Much of our lives are spent confused about opposing views, thinking that we have to be on one side or the other, while the real solution is to step back and consider the relevance and importance of the controversy.

Hopefully life will not overburden my grandson with baggage so that he will be able to deal with it effectively as he moves through the years.