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I don’t think that there is anything to compare to the feeling of nudity when you are naked and everyone else is clothed. I know, nude is nude, but if you really want to feel “extra naked” just be with any group of people and be the only one not wearing clothes. I’ve been at nudist camps where people dress for dinner or dances. I’ve been on nudist cruises where people, although totally nude all day, dress for dinner. I’ve been at a nudist camp end-of-day coffee and tea groups where it was more or less tradition to dress to come to the clubhouse for some conversation. It was at one of these coffee “klatches” where one woman, who insisted upon always showing up totally naked, used to chide the others because she couldn’t see the logic of coming to a nudist camp to get dressed.

My situation at home for the past few years has been this. I am a single male. A couple of times each day I check on my neighbor, a retired woman, much older than I, to make certain that she is OK. She often has me stay awhile, prepares coffee, lunch, drinks, etc. During a conversation a few years ago, I told her that I was an avid nudist and spend most of my time not wearing any clothing. I happened to mention to her that I only got minimally dressed to come check on her. She expressed intrigue with my home nudist lifestyle and said that it would be alright with her if I stayed nude whenever I came over to her house. We are out in a very rural location, and it’s a very private thousand foot walk from my house to hers, so it would be no problem to just traverse that distance nude.

Over time, not only was she accepting of my need to be nude, she insisted that whenever I came over to her house, I not wear anything because she so enjoyed having a younger male visit her nude. It’s been very enjoyable for me to visit her because of that. She is always clothed, and I am always nude. Great for both of us. Also, once a week, she has a group of four or five girlfriends visit her for cocktails and snacks. I am always invited, and I always attend nude. Her friends are also very accepting of my nudity with one exception who is a bit more proper and prudish than the others. To this day she wonders how I can “walk around naked all the time and not feel ashamed or embarrassed.” She gets completely flabbergasted when I tell her that, not only am I not ashamed, I actually enjoy it and find it exciting to do.

To answer member sdson, who started this thread back in July and said, “…being the only guy naked among the clothed, it really felt like a privilege having the option of not wearing clothes while others were dressed. Anyone else feel "special" being the only one naked among the clothed?” Yes, it really feels “special.” I feel free, liberated, totally unashamed, and not embarrassed at all.
I really enjoyed the complete nature of this posting. The author covered the sitaution as it began, continued and exists today and that is very helpful to know.