]If nudity is ok, as so many nudists and naturists apparently believe, then surely more people should be happy to have photographs of themselves, hairy or smooth, young or old, pretty or plain, on public display. It amazes me how many so-called nudists say the naked human body is perfectly acceptable and then proceed to hide it from society behind closed doors. If you truly believe your naked body is acceptable to anybody, then you should be prepared to show it to anybody, in real-life, or in print, or on the web. Hiding yourself means you don't really believe what you say. Discuss Smiley


Why do I feel that my arm is being twisted here? Do I understand this posting correctly? Rich wants someone, anyone to send him pictures of themselves so that he can put them in a book and then that book will be sold. Yet he offers no recompense for their images. Somebody is going to profit from their images. That somebody may be him, the book company or the book sellers. Perhaps he could hire models to pose for him. That way every gets paid.