I was visiting a friend in Karachi from California. An old friend from childhood days and was staying with him and his family. One hot summer afternoon, when everyone was either asleep or out of the house leaving me to sweat it out alone. I felt like taking off my clothes and hanging it all out in the open. But the custom of their home would not permit that and ofcourse I would have only made their family appalled.

I was feeling quite bored and was naturally pleased to hear the door bell ring and my friends sister came back home from College. We began chatting and sharing stories from the past (I had known her for many years through her brother). Like any typical friend she wanted to know more about USA and especially the beautiful beaches there. Comparing the Hawkesbay with Bakers beach and such.

And then she asked about nudist friendly beaches and how were they. Naturally, since I had been to a few, I shared my experience of my visits. Curious of what I shared, she wanted to know if I had the chance of going nude myself on them. I did not want to hide my naturist interests so I said yes. I could have avoided the subject and moved on, but I did not feel right to hide it from her.

She was kinda astonished and surprised that someone that she knew was into nudism. Which ofcourse she did not believe me initially. She asked me a lot more questions about nudist friendly beaches and what I had experienced. And then she declared that she did not believe me and dared me to bare it all.

I was kinda taken aback by her dare. I did not expect that. But I just changed the subject and moved onto other fun things to talk. But sooner than later, she came back to the topic and forced the issue on me. She said, if I was so ok with nudism why was i not baring it all. I finally gave in and said. Well, I will go nude if she goes topless for the duration.

Now she went all quiet. Pondering the question. We continued to talk about other stuff and did not discuss nudism again. Then out of the blue, she said. "OK. Agreed."

Agreed what? I asked her. She said, she agrees to go topless if I went nude. Wow. I had not expected her to comply. Now we were both in a situation where we did not know how to go forward. All day long I had wanted to be nude. Now I had a chance.

You first! she exclaimed while giggling and that got me going. I took off my shirt and pants and then finally boxers. So there I was nude at a friends house in a foreign land and wondering what I had done. She just started laughing out loud and said, she never expected me to do it. But now that I had she had second thoughts about her own decision to bare.

But a dare is a dare. And I had done my bit and she needed to do hers. Finally, after a bit of pestering, she took off her shirt and bra and sat there topless with me.

We had a wonderful afternoon together chatting up and discussing this lifestyle. I learned a lot that day about her especially the fact that she slept nude in her room during summers. And no she is not a nudist (as far as I know) but we did have a wonderful afternoon together.