Well, I got a call today from a temp service that says they have a job for me office work and it may keep the bill collectors away. I am interested and I will take it until something better comes along. I also have another interveiw next week for a position requiring a security clearance very interesting and it pays better.

Man looking back on the earlier posting sounds like I am one angry PTSD MF'er. I hope to keep my cool in the future. I do have certain pet peaves like the aforementined rude behavior. lol! I guess I just don't see what the hell is the big hurry that people will cut you off and risk their life and yours just to get one car length ahead of you on the road. Oh by the way I have driven all over the US and quite a few places outside the US and this is the rudest place I have seen. I dont know what iti is but the constant blare of horns and yells and jacka$$ behavior is like a circus. I just don't know why. Now I have never driven in New York so I guess maybe I have that to look forward to. All I know is the next time someone pulls a jack hole move and I get the opportunity to address them I will likely get out of my car and have a little chat. I know a friend who did that and she had a great time with it, cleared the matter right up.

Well one thing I am learning is that they don't pay sh*t in the civillian world unless you have a degree so I will be looking into that. I always heard all this crap about how there are these companies that like to hire vets but they don't seem to be around here. I know more angry man talk here. It's just that so much of what I thought was true seems like a load of crap. Well I guess I should be happpy for the little crap job and just keep looking. A buddy put it like this jobs are like girl friends you are going to have to go through a lot of them before you find the one you want to keep. Seems like good advice to me, at least as good as any other advice.