i'm an early riser in the morning so that is the best part of my day. i throw the covers off and spring out of bed (nude of course). go to the kitchen and get my first cup of coffee. sitting at the kitchen table,enjoying the sun,listening to the birds,and listening to the weather radio to see what kind of day it's going to be. i do envy the ones who can enjoy this outdoors. living in the city it is not reccommended. sometimes i think of all the people at the nudist lodge and know they are having a great day starting the same way. i would certainly be there to enjoy it with them. after coffee i fire up the computer and log onto the many nudist sites i'm on. i like to keep in touch as much as possible. this is done usually with another cup of coffee. some on my yahoo friends will chat by instant messenger. spending the rest of the day nude in the home,i'm just putting time in. like to check e-mails during the afternoon as i get many. evening time is another check. if i don't then they pile up too many. hope i didn't bore anyone with my agenda here. just thought i'd let everyone know. always welcome guests in the home for a good chat and coffee or sometimes even dinner. i like to keep the social circle going. have a great day!!