on march 2, 2008 my father and mother were in a serious auto accident. killed my father and severely injured my mother. we were able to get her home june 6,2008. we thought it was going to be a double funeral. she did miss the funeral we had for dad and now is unable to cope with his loss. we are doing all we can. we just was able to take a breather from that and my mother in law became ill to the point we had to admit her to a facility for alzheimers. still copeing with this. she is out of town and the price of gas we can't get to visit as often as we should. this is hard on my wife. my pension was decreased last year and sometimes we don't know where the next meal is coming from or if we'll have one. friends have helped but seems like all are getting in the same boat. my social nude experiences are far and few between now. i miss that the most. a nudist friend of mine did take me along in june. haven't been able to go back since. i value our friendship along with others we have found via the nudist websites i am on. i continue to look for work but to no avail. i'm ready now to leave the area if i have to. this area is depressed for anything since the steel mill decreased to a quarter of what it was. when i started in '73 they employed 14,000. now they are down to 1,100. i know others are struggling too. if i can be of any assistance - let me know. thaks for all your friendship!