i had the privilege of visiting my buddy who lives in southern west virginia over the week end. we had a great time free hiking. if anyone know the terrain of west virginia there is no such thing as a hill, it's all mountainess. once we got far enough into the wood we shed our clohtes. boy, what a relief. took away the constricted feeling we had. he is a hunter and we were going to his spot to spread some deer scent that they like to attract them. he is not far from a big name university who was having a football game that day. they won by the way. after returning from our hike he fixed a great meal. his grown kids have finally left the nest so we were free to roam the house nude. he says they are like boomerangs. they leave then come back. we met a nudist lodge we visit two years ago and have been best of friends since. we welcomed him here as his kids did not know of his lifestyle. our daughter moved on her own so we could roam nude through the house here and enjoy his company. too bad we did not take the camera but it was enough to keep a watchful eye for non nudist who may happen to meet us along the way. west virginia has some beautiful terrain and a late fall has kept the trees from losing their foilage as of yet. it truly made for a great day!