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I do not understand. Isn't being in this country illegally already a crime? Or does being here illegally just mean that you will be deported? Is it technically not a crime, just against the law?
Being here illegally is a crime; can you walk down the street and identify an illegal alien just from visual clues? If not, how do you do so?

The point is that the law, as written, assumes someone is illegal if they don't have documentation immediately available to prove otherwise. That's against the 4th amendment. If you are a legal citizen but don't happen to have your birth certificate, naturalization papers, or passport on you - and I bet most legal citizens don't - then you can be arrested under suspicion. All a policeman has to do is "think" you look like an illegal alien.

That's one big problem with the law. The other has to do with citizens being able to sue the government with a huge penalty if they believe the police aren't doing enough to curb illegal aliens in their area.

Again, very few people are "pro" illegal-immigration; the issue is how to solve the problem. This is a very bad (and likely unconstitutional) method. Arizona already has laws on the books that allow them to use other methods, but they don't enforce them enough. That's another objection.