After a long week working there is nothing better than the feeling of getting out. For a number of weeks i've wanted to get to the beach but working and holiday schedules have gotten in the way. The stars finally aligned and the weather was great so i packed up my blue folding chair and my sunscreen and off i went.

The trip is always one of excitement, will i see people i know there, will it be high tide or not. Do i have enough sunscreen. As it goes in the end it is always fun.

After parking my car and getting my things i make my way under the road. They have done a beautiful job with landscaping. I walk past the hut, the food stand and the volleyball courts. To find a nice little patch to call my own.

I unfold my chair lay out my blanket and shed my clothes, happily. After putting on sunscreen i take out my book and can finally relax. All the stress of the week melts away with the warm sun and the breeze. The sand cradles me as i read my book. People pass close to the shore following the path of the sand pipers.

Turing over to get the full benifits of going to Haulover, i fall asleep listing to the waves lap at the beach. The clouds cover the sun and people start to pack up with the coolish breezes. I dip my toes into the atlantic it is colder than i like but nothing like going to the beach and not dipping your toes into it.

Eventually though, it is time to go on my way. Packing up my stuff and collecting my things together. I take one last look at the waves and the sand, one day soon i will return my friend.