Hi everyone,
This is my first blog, Ive ever wrote. I think, the best thing I can do first, is to say SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. The secound thing I can do is to tell u guys where I am.

Im Tom Everling from Hanover,Germany and Im 18 years old. Ive a sister and she is 22 years old. I do nudismus (in germany: FKK) about 6 month, yet. My sister do nudismus about more than 1 year, but i was scared to get a hard **** ..
At my summerholydays my sister and two of her friends (Jessica,23 and Nathalie,19) invide me to go swim. I dont know that they are want to go nude, so i accept. Twenty minuts and 3 miles later we were at a beautyfull little lake. I was wear my surfershorts and want to go to swim, as i see that my sister and jessi and nathalie go nude. I was embrassed and ask them what they do. They tell me that they allways go nude ,if they want to swim or just relax at this lake, but i dont have to go nude i can swim with my shorts. After 30minuts we play football and swimm together we take a break and want to eat something. We sit down and Jessi and me went to the backpack and want to get the sandwich's. She ask me why I dont want to be nude. I told her that Im scared about to get a hard **** and she just laugh and tell me that its no problem and I dont have to be scared about that. I go nude and have a nice day...
Since that holydays I love nudismus.
Thats about it, my story about nudismus.

Yesterday I was into a saunaclub, there are more than ten sauna's and three steam-bath's.
It was a great day with my sister and Nathalie.

Greetz Tom