Wii met a couple from Arkansas on another nudist site that live 2 hours north of us. We have been chatting with then on yahoo for about 10 months, and they drove down a couple of months ago for a visit. Wii showed them around our place some and had a great visit, but the weather being a little cool at that time we all kept our clothes on. With the long weekend coming up and having no plans I ask Sue if she would like to return their visit, and she said yes, so while chatting we made arrangements to meet on Sat.
Up early Sat., morning chores done. Wii hit the road for a beautiful drive through the Ozark Mountains, arriving at there house mid morning. After a quick tour of their house in town we climbed into his truck and headed out to their property in the country. 120 acres lying among the ridges and valleys of the Ozarks. We spent a couple of hours on 4 wheelers touring the land and then back to the camp site for lunch. Upon arriving at camp the men quickly shed all their clothes (the women being a little uncomfortable kept theirs on) and the grill fired up for some burgers. After lunch we just sat around talking and enjoying the day until I noticed the sun was getting low, and Wii had a 3 hour drive home. So we packed up and headed back to town. After goodbyes Wii hit the road back to Oklahoma. On the way home Sue told me she had gotten hot and I ask her why she hadn't pulled her clothes off. She said she had waited for a cue from our host that she would be comfortable. Home before dark and evening chores done. Wii really enjoyed the day and looking forward to getting together with them again.