Did you know that on September 11, 2001 morning when the First Twin Tower was strucked THAT was about the same time when the formation of the Peace Day to be announced in Nagasaki? Very ironic. Very sad. Very unpeaceful.

September 21 is intended to be the PeaceOneDay. You can watch the attached video regarding the PeaceOneDay.

Who wants Peace?
We all want peace.
Is Peace possible?
What does Peace mean to you?

As a naturist, I would like to propose our PeaceNudeDay.

Is it possible? One thing for sure is that nudists obviously cannot hide any harm weapons in their clothesfree bodies.

Our birthday suits show our open-ness to live harmoniously with nature and human beings in a very natural way. Our nakedness shows how we were supposed to live in the first place.

I like to have your opinions regarding this idea. The questions are:

1.What's your idea for PeaceNudeDay?
2.What would you do on PeaceNudeDay?
3.What would be your commitment for PeaceNudeDay.