Not everyone can accept the idea of nudism. A lot of confussions regarding the concept of nudism, expecially for me. I didn't really like the label of being a nudist. I didn't know why. It was just me. I prefered to be called a naturist or textilefree or better clothesfree. Now I know it's just a label and I actually don't really believe in labels.

When I first heard about "naturism", I thought it was a concept of living in nature. Everything should be natural. Live in open nature. Cook outdoor by using wood burning fire. No clothes, yes clothesfree. No electronic. No TV. No Cellphone. No I-Pod. Wait, no electronic stuffs? I couldn't live like that. That couldn't be true. I didn't know where I got that concept from. However, I was so facinated with my own interpretation about naturism. I made my own adjustment to the concept of naturism that would fit with what was called my own life style. That was back then.

I was not raised in a pure naturist family. But I was not raised in an absolute non-clothsfree family either. Being clothesfree is one thing I liked to do when I was very young. I would try hard to find any reasons to take off my clothes while playing. If it was not too hot, it was too itchy or any other reasons I brought up for not wearing my clothes. I really liked the story about a king who liked to show off his newest clothe / robe, but actually he was naked parading on the public street. I wanted to be that king! That was my first childhood naked dream: Being a Naked King!

I liked to run naked around the house, when I was a very small kid. I didn't know anything about nudism nor naturism. Running in the rain was my favorite. I just liked like being naked and clothesfree.

When I was a little bit older, I still liked being clothesfree. I would take off my clothes once I got home from school. The only complain for doing that was that my mom had to pick up my clothes from the floor. Shoes were never allowed in my parents' house, so that was the first thing I took off when I got home. Then, the way I shed my clothes was piece by piece. Start with the shirt in the entry hall, then shorts in the living room and finally underwears in the kitchen or who knows where. Just imagine how frustrated my mom picking up my clothes from the floor of each room.

When I was in my early teenage years, I remembered visiting someone's house and saw his wedding pictures hung on the wall: NAKED Wedding in nature!!! Wow it was really happened. My wishfull thinking was alive. That was my first time seeing a picture of naked wedding with so many naked people in the picture. People wore no clothes. That's wonderful. I like that. Naked Wedding! Being Clothesfree! Nothing can be better than those two.