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What % of women are normally "perky"?

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    Re: What % of women are normally "perky"?

    I made a mistake in my post, I meant to say that some posts are offensive to women, not necessarily perverted, but offensive. i Hope every body haves a great weekend.:o


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      Re: What % of women are normally "perky"?

      Originally posted by Fresh Air View Post
      Subjective qualifiers do not mix with objective quantifiers.

      What percentage of people are 'good'?
      How much is 'happy'?
      What size is their ego?

      Answering the question is not possible. And, BTW, what percentage of men have perky scrotums? ? ? ?
      In such cases the correct answer is always "42".


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        Re: What % of women are normally "perky"?

        Originally posted by christy799 View Post
        I made a mistake in my post, I meant to say that some posts are offensive to women, not necessarily perverted, but offensive. i Hope every body haves a great weekend.:o
        In either case.....we want to be sensitive to topics and posts that are either perverted or offensive to our members!

        Thanks for you contributions and feedback! Have a good weekend as well.

        The Management


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          Re: What % of women are normally "perky"?

          From what I have learned, women want their breasts stay "up" and not become pendulous.
          I have seen many breasts in my many years as art classes coordinator.
          My late wife thought that wearing a bra most the time would keep her breasts from becoming pendulouse. However, a number of web pages say that this is not a fact.
          One reason some women wear bras is to push their breasts up. Some women who want to appear especially sexy, adjust their bra straps tightly to elevate their breasts the most.
          I think that it would be impossibe to determine how many women have perky breasts as breasts vary widely and what a particular person consides as "perky" is quite subjective. One young woman I knew stated that she was happy that her boyfriend stated, "I like your small cute breasts".

          It seems to me that there is too much emphasis on the appearance of breasts whereas the personality is the real important factor.
          I have read that in Brazil, they do not focus on the breasts, but instead, take note of her attractive hips, which points out that this is partly a cultural aspect.
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            Re: What % of women are normally "perky"?

            Originally posted by Boreas View Post
            I think you will find the answer just by looking at some of the pictures here. Perky only exists in ads. Perky is what glamour magazines and such tell women they want. It is not reality.

            Think of the main purpose of the female breast, feeding babies. How effective do you think a perky breast would be for that.

            There are photos of "normal breasts" on

            Here is another spot that has "normal breasts"

            You might want to check this out too:

            Thank you for these links. We need more of this type of positive imagery to be seen. My wife complains that hers have drooped a little since having kids, I don't see it but she says they have. I think that with the mainstream media airbrushing and augmenting with push-up bras the real women have been brainwashed to think they are sub-standard....when in fact they are just as beautiful. I especially felt some comments on the 007b site hit the nail on the head. I noticed several of the women's comments were that they had only ever seen a few pairs of breasts in real life and the rest were adult movies or media advertisement.....but after seeing that site the women felt better about themselves and realized they were normal.

            I make it a point, when the subject of fake models comes up, to point out that a women that can meet the "perfect" measurements is a genetic abnormality. No less beautiful but still maybe 1% of the population can fit that mold. I am glad to see that some advertisers have started to use models that are more like the average real women that we all know.

            To the OP. If you have not yet gone to a nude resort, RUN, don't walk to the nearest family resort. I am new to the social nude thing but I can say you will answer questions that you didn't even know you had. It is great. People just being people with no barriers. It may not be good manners to mention but since it is a natural thing I will let you know ahead of will want to see everything you can see. This will pass, it is a natural curiosity that comes from our society hiding our bodies. Like most any first timers you will not realize how many variations of body types and shapes there are. Clothing has hidden all these unique differences. As natural as the curiosity is, don't stare, you will see enough and with in a short time it will become just as blah as a baggy sweater. I kind of had the idea that I would see bodies that I never knew were natural but I was surprised that I learned just as much about males as I did the females. For me it was such an experience that I did not want to leave, I felt so at ease and comfortable yet so close to everyone. The first trip when that switch flips from home nude to social nude is more liberating than anything I have ever been through.

            I have all ready noticed the positive change in myself regarding body image and what I considered beauty.


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              Re: What % of women are normally "perky"?

              I think this is the funniest thread at this site.