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    Originally posted by Boreas View Post
    But you are a guy Lance, aren't you?

    It is interesting that all of your posts have been in the female topics. Why is this?
    Because, my wife and I were just talking about these very things, and she recommended to go on this forum and comment. That's why. I'm done commenting on these issues and will comment in the guy issues section soon ... after finishing working much later on tonight.

    Moreover, most of my commenting has been done on another nudist chat forum: ... commenting mostly on the guy/gal ratio issue at nudist resorts and specifically on what's going on at Caliente; that is, aggressively pursuing the swinger market.

    I've been to Caliente many, many times and have personally watched this whole issue develop. The management there is endangering nudist activity in the USA, because America is still a very conservative country in some ways. One zealous district attorney or state legislator getting riled up about Caliente's actions could very well set off a legistlative chain reaction and get much of our present nudist freedoms outlawed ... in a flash.

    Think it can't happen? Well, it can! AANR has worked for DECADES to enable us nudist to enjoy our activities here in America. Caliente is jeopardizing these privileges. Yes, they are privileges, not rights.

    Anyway, again, I only commented on these issues simply because my wife and I were discussing them a lot recently. I have no fixations or agendas. Accordingly, I'm asking you very kindly, do not infer that I do, for such is not the case.

    I'll be commenting on guys' issues starting tonight, and I'll be saying exactly the same thing that I'm saying here. Feel free to read them in the guys' section and commently freely if you wish.

    I thank you. Peace.


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      Anyway, again, I only commented on these issues simply because my wife and I were discussing them a lot recently. I have no fixations or agendas. Accordingly, I'm asking you very kindly, do not infer that I do, for such is not the case.
      No inferences here. Just questions.


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        Planned New Resorts.

        Last Comment In This Section:

        My wife and I plan to develop, build and promote two new resorts:

        She will in charge of a smaller, more intimate resort specifically designed to appeal to women. Desert Shadows in California, to my knowledge, is the ONLY resort actually doing this. They are doing it very well. I commend its owners. They've done a GREAT job. Why are we doing this? Because, we would like such a resort here in Florida. There is a great, unmet need for such a resort here. All of this is my wife's idea. She will be in charge of this resort. It's her baby. She WANTS to do this. I'm just helping her out, because I know a lot about the real estate, dealmaking and legal aspects of development. My wife WANTS this resort to be smaller, more intimate and very cozy. So, that's what we'll do. If she wanted it big and grandiloquent, we'd do that. Again, it'll be her baby.

        I, on the other hand, plan to develop a much larger resort greater in size and scope than Caliente ... specifically to show that we can have a very classy place ... without aggressively marketing to the swinger and adult-entertainment market. See why in the comment above. I am doing this solely to prove that it can be done. It's the kind of resort I myself want to go to. Who would really, really develop and do a resort of this kind RIGHT?

        Donald Trump! You can say what you want about his ego. True enough. But! When it comes to building real estate to suit the top-of-the-market crowd, nobody does it better than Donald. I plan to follow his lead and do this one first-class all the way. More importantly, once it's built, you must run it in a first-class way, all the time, every day! THAT is the key! Lastly, at this proposed resort, I will not care about the male-to-female ratio at all. Not one bit. Anybody and everybody can come there as long as the conduct themselves well. All guys? So what. All gals. So what. Whoever shows up shows up. I'll balance the ratio with superb marketing and even better delivery of a great resort. Do THAT, and the ratio will balance itself. You'll see.

        It will take years to do all of this. I have the know how. The development money is readily available if you know what you are doing. Caliente took many millions of dollars to build. Notice that Carl Anderson, Bill Baldwin and Chuck Foster did it! Carl Anderson had the balance sheet and development know how to get financed. Bill Baldwin had the architectural knowledge to design Caliente. Chuck Foster had the experience managing a major C.O. resort. The team had excellent complementary skills; hence, they got the financing. Assembling just such a team is what gets the money to do the deal. They did it. Hats off to them. Caliente is awesome. It's my favorite resort.

        I've commented on this women's issues section specifically BECAUSE, in America, women are the key to getting naturist activity accepted by the general society. One MUST market to women, and, as I see it, nobody is doing that very well in our industry ... except for the couple who own Desert Shadows.

        To know what women are thinking, one looks in the women's section ... because this is a public forum, after all. In Europe, especially in France and Germany, the mindset is completely different than it is here in the USA.

        Over there, there is no need to market to women ... BECAUSE ... the whole mindset is far more open to naturist activity than it is here in America. If I were developing resorts in Europe, I would have no need whatsoever to look in the women's section and see what they are thinking.

        Here in the USA, I do need to know that information, BECAUSE of the psychographic setting I'll be developing the resorts in. It's a linchpin issue most germane and apropos to being successful in this market. Hence, it is intelligence I must have in order to do a successful resort development. A good investment banker or venture capitalist would INSIST on this kind of information before they would invest a penny in the deal. THAT'S why I'm interested in this section.

        In Europe, a developer must only do a good job of building and marketing a resort. Proof? See Le Cap d'Agde. Best naturist resort on Earth. Hail to the French! Well done!

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          Over the years, I've seen women wear shorts, bathing suit bottoms during those times of the month. I used to wear tampons and cut the string short; others told me they tucked in the string.



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            Re: If I am menstruating ...

            I usually use a tampon and cut the string very short. It works great for me


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              Re: If I am menstruating ...

              I really have to take exception to the remark about Tampon strings. We are naturist (nudist), periods are a normal part of life and as such need to be handled in an adult manner. What difference does it make if a small piece of string is seen? It is a natural function and not something we need to hide over.

              Originally posted by David77 View Post
              The resorts will be understand about the wearing of shorts at this time.

              Incidentally, I am told that when women wear tampons at a nudist resort they should remember to cut off the string and not leave it dangling.


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                Re: If I am menstruating ...

                Originally posted by Calgaljerome View Post
                I really have to take exception to the remark about Tampon strings. We are naturist (nudist), periods are a normal part of life and as such need to be handled in an adult manner. What difference does it make if a small piece of string is seen? It is a natural function and not something we need to hide over.
                I agree. From my very limited observations it would appear that most women prefer to hide the string, either by cutting or tucking, but that should be completely their choice. The important thing is to be comfortable whatever you decide. None of us men really has any right to decide what is "proper" and what is not.


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                  I magic marker-ed the string black to match my pubic hair.


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                    Wow! From November 2012 to April 2021. That's quite a pause in the conversation!
                    OK. I'm new here. I'm an older male. And naturally, being a male, and traditionally obsessed with penises (LOL!), I gravitated to the male section thread about penile erections and whether or not they should be hidden.
                    My personal inclination is that their visual impact should be minimised - but I'm really not entirely sure why I feel this way. We're all victims of social conditioning from a very young age, so it's difficult to be certain what's really a necessary social response to something like this and what's just a result of the conditioning.

                    But the consensus among males seems to be that spontaneous penile erections are almost always a reflex response to whatever the environmental conditions may be at the time. In other words, they're almost invariably unintentional and non-sexual. Most younger males, for example, are prone to erections first thing in the morning - due to higher diurnal testosterone levels at that hour of the day, combined with the need to visit the bathroom. So, if a male in that situation is camping and has to move from a tent or a van to a toilet/shower block at 7 a.m., it's going to be a potentially awkward situation for him. Should he be ostracised as some kind of pervert if he is unable to fully conceal his 'problem'?

                    Some physiological things are just difficult to avoid. It's all part of what they call the 'human condition', I suppose.
                    Many women seem to be embarrassed by menstruation. For some reason, historically (religiously?), the cyclical shedding of the uterine lining has been branded as somehow 'unmentionable'. Again, I'm not entirely sure why. (I think it's irrational to be in any way offended by something so intrinsic to the continuation of our own species.)
                    Taking a guess, I'd say menstruation is a stark demonstration of the physiology of female sexual reproduction. And we've all been conditioned to think of sexual reproduction as 'naughty' instead of natural. In addition it's often hard to disguise menstruation when it happens. So it reminds us that women are sexual creatures, whether we want to be reminded or not - and especially so in a naturist environment where covering up is harder.
                    Similarly, a male erection is associated with sexual reproduction, even when that may be the last thing on a man's mind when his anatomy 'misbehaves'! It too is a stark reminder of humanity's underlying sexual nature - something which can often be a totally inappropriate reminder when it happens. And although an erection may be relatively easy to disguise under clothing, it may be all too obvious when naked.

                    In the same vein, I posted a comparison between nipple erections in women and penile erections in men, but only to illustrate that involuntary reflexive erections occur in both sexes. Although I accepted a reply from a male saying I was comparing 'apples with oranges' as a fair criticism of my comparison. I do appreciate that it's not exactly the same thing!
                    Some males assume that (most, perhaps all?) females are likely to be intimidated by a penile erection.
                    I suggested this may not be the case at all. Maybe we males are taking ourselves too seriously. Maybe most women would just think an obviously unwanted male erection is comical. I honestly don't know.

                    I also suggested that discussing this question in an almost exclusively male setting was unlikely to answer it adequately. After all, males can't evaluate the situation from the same perspective as a female. If anyone is going to be offended by a male erection, however innocent the cause, it's almost certainly going to be a female. So females should really have the greatest input into the argument; not males. That's why I think this topic shouldn't be 'hidden away' in the male section.
                    We need a poll among a significant number of women to find out what they actually think.