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Why do people fear IT?

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    I have seen war footage and/or footage from Africa on Canadian news reports that was far more graphic than would be allowed in the U.S.A.



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      Originally posted by Gunther Netzer View Post
      I noticed that all but a few posters on this subject are from outside the UK. Over here, on TV certainly, there is far more dispaying of the male bum than the female's. I recall, off the top of my head, only once seeing a lady's bottom whereas the men on TV have theirs displayed so much more often. I'm not sure why there aren't more of the women's on TV, but only in situations where it is deemed necessary to a plotline
      Part of that is because culturally our society tends to see naked men as funny and naked women as sexy. Witness one of the funniest shows on TV "The Simpsons." Bart, Homer, Barney & Mr Burns have all appeared naked, usually several times on the show. Marge has once or twice and I don't think that Lisa ever has.


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        Re: Why do people fear IT?

        Originally posted by MoonShadow View Post
        No, we are not that interested in look at the nudity in most magazines as it is mostly women. Few naked men in media ads in magazines. I suppose the media thinks all women love to see each other naked as this is what fills most magazines. I would love to see more naked men in magazines!!!!

        I think it has to do with the "belief" that woman do not view nudity as men do. Men are seen as looking for it in the sexual nature. Women are are seen as better so they do use the penis to attract women like a pair or breasts.
        I also believe it has to do with the society we live it, we are taught to cover ourselfs and hide our when someone else is naked. we here see past the sexual aspect of nudity and embrace it as a wonderful lifestyle.


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          Re: Why do people fear IT?

          Originally posted by FreeinNJ View Post
          I think it has to do with the "belief" that woman do not view nudity as men do. Men are seen as looking for it in the sexual nature. Women are seen as better so they do use the penis to attract women like a pair or breasts.
          I have read that women get their greatest kick from viewing the good shape of a man's rear end. A scientific test of a sampling of women would prove whether or not this is actually a fact.

          Men in Brazil get their greatest pleasure from the sight of a woman's hips instead of the breasts.
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            Re: Why do people fear IT?

            I can remember one time in one show in which Archie Bunker has to change Gloria's baby who was a boy and on the show the audience did get to see the boy without a diaper. I remember that it was a big deal at the time because actual male genitalia was displayed on public access TV.

            I think the other reason is that a penis can be seen as a sort of a weapon, similar to a rocket. It is seen as force-full, powerful, and used to make children, thus having a male spread his genes to the next generation.

            You see this in animal where there is a competition with the males to be the Alpha Male.

            I do not think society is ready yet to just think of it as a part of the human body that identifies gender.


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              Re: Why do people fear IT?

              I will start off by saying I'm a guy, and I have IT. My views have a definite male slant. With that said, here goes.

              I believe that most people don't care about a flaccid penis. It is non-threatening. Most people who live where it is taboo to show your genitalia will want to see one and may possibly giggle, oogle, react, and maybe get aroused by the sight of one. This, I believe, does not have anything to do with the penis but rather the violation of a taboo. This is akin to the "fly on the wall" scenario. I personally would love to know what really goes on behind closed doors during a secret meeting. Not because of what is said, but rather because I would be hearing stuff that I was not suppose to hear. The same goes with genitalia. If I'm not allowed to see a breast, I want to see one. If you tell me it is OK to see one and I see them all of the time, now I do not care. It is not taboo anymore. It lost its excitement and has become normal and boring.

              Now an erect penis is a different story. We are animals first and foremost. As animals, we must survive and procreate. If we fail at one or the other, we go extinct--simple as that. I believe it is built into us, as animals, to want to mate. Males can even have erections when waking up from sleep. This is involuntary. Doctors call this an "early morning erection." (They can use this to help determine if male impotence is physical or mental. If you get one, you must be physically able to get an erection. This would imply that your impotence is more mental. The converse, not getting one, does not indicate anything.) I know my "early morning erections" are hard to ignore. I believe that this reminds the animal in us to get out there and procreate. This is not the scary part. This is "normal."

              The scary part is how procreation usually happens. The male is usually on top. The female on the bottom is more helpless and are kind of pinned down. Females are controlled by the male. That can be scary to them to relinquish control and submit to the male. Some males believe this action is domination. This allows males who are less self-confident to boost their self-image by dominating females. Domination means more importance which makes them feel better. This may help explain why rapists have self-confidence issues.

              Females cannot rape males. They can never be in control in this situation except with our societal rules "allowing" them to say no. Males still have the ultimate control since, generally being stronger, can ignore the "no" and proceed anyway forcing their dominance.

              An erection indicates that a male is ready for procreation...not that he is going to procreate or even looking to procreate but could. I personally don't get an erection in the middle of the day for no reason. I get erections in the morning (early morning erections) and when I get "frisky." I believe that most males (if not all) get erections when they are frisky and want to procreate.

              To summarize...usually...erection = frisky = procreate. This is not a big stretch of the imagination. But to tell the truth, males WILL get frisky throughout the day and get erections. If it was on purpose (and it usually is), no one else cares so cover it up. If it is accidental, cover it up so no one will think it was on purpose. That was my take on erections and why I think we should cover them up. Not because erections are bad per se but because they usually indicate what the male wants to do.

              Originally posted by MoonShadow View Post
              In addition to what you have posted here, maybe, it is biblical (now bear with me on this radical look-see - LOL). Back in the garden where Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat from the tree of life that the penis represents the serpent. Like the serpent who penatrates Eve's mind with temptation, men's penises which penetrate is a temptation.
              It is my opinion that the bible has many stories to explain complicated things to simple, uneducated people. For example, if prophets were to talk about the big bang theory (if true), they would have been run out of town. A simple story about creation allows us to get past "how we got here" and onto the more important issues of not coveting your neighbor's goods, etc.

              I never thought, until now, that the Tree of Life is analogous to procreation and the serpent could be analogous to a penis. Adam violates the apple by biting into it analogous to a male penetrating a female. Now it makes sense that the woman's punishment is to have birthing pains. It could be all about procreation.

              Originally posted by MoonShadow View Post
              Another is that the art world gave us both the nude male and female in all its beauty but then was transformed into nude beauty means nude female form rather than the nude beauty of both the female and male form.

              Now, centuries later with the advertising world as it is - somehow the nude male form was dropped out of the picture altogether and anything representing nudity is the female form. Perhaps this was due that the initial world of advertising and fashion was male-dominated.
              I don't think it was advertising that caused males to be covered. I think it was christianity that made nudity a bad thing. Remember when they "fixed" the pagans by introducing christianity, they "fixed" the pagans being naked and having sex all of the time. They could not turn around and promote nudism. At least that is what I was taught in church.

              Originally posted by Boreas View Post
              I think the fact that traditionally most producers of TV and movies were (and perhaps still are) male, would account for something. These men don't want to see other men......they want to see "naked babes"!
              I think you hit the nail on the head on why a lot of things have male slants to them.

              Originally posted by NudeAl View Post
              The penis is a powerful symbol.

              I don't know when it began to be viewed so negatively but in the ancient world it was a powerful symbol of virility and fertility. A thing to be worshiped even a symbol of good luck in Roman times, the larger the penis the more good luck you had. I suppose it was the rise of Christianity and the negative views the church had on all things sexual.

              Anyway, here's wishing you big penis.
              And they say size does not matter!

              Originally posted by l2ltlarry View Post
              I think the reason IT is feared is that exposed penises in all states are perceived as threatening and dangerous. In particular, the harder the penis, the more dangerous IT is considered to be. The harder penis = dangerous penis is as true with most nudists whose thoughts I have read as with body-fearing non- and anti- nudists.
              I disagree that flaccid penises are threatening except to those who worry about erections so much that they are paranoid about all penises.

              Originally posted by JeepNude View Post
              First of all, it has nearly nothing to do with Christianity. After all, Christ himself spent a great deal of time nude. Walked out of the tomb nude too. There is a lot of nudity in the Bible. It is PEOPLE that are the problem.
              If christianity is OK with nudity then why do they have to convert the naked heathens?

              Originally posted by sdson View Post
              I totally agree. In my opinion which is just that, not based on research or data; only life experience and obeservations; it seems that men are more comfortable with nudity than women. I base this opinion on postings on this board which appears to be predominantly male and related postings such as "reluctant spouse" concering social nudity. Additionally, in my own experience the number of males who frequent and participate in nude recreation at the beach far outnumber the females. Also growing up in the late 60's and early 70's it was accepted for boys to swim nude in school swim programs. That's just the way it was, it was not only accepted but required. Conversely, girls and women don't appear to be as participative in the nude recreation that men & boys do as previously mentioned. However, in society it is more acceptable seeing females appear totally nude in film and print while it is not as prevalent for males (although it's slowly changing). Could it be that along with nudity in film and print comes the idea of individuals portrayed this way as being objectified? If this is the case, men appearing totally nude in film and print may be associated with being objectified and with that less powerful. It's an interesting spin on male nudity especially considering that male nudes portrayed in greek and roman art were considered heroic. Quite a change over time.
              I don't think males are more comfortable with nudity. Rather they want to procreate and being nude facilitates it. Remember males have less investment in procreation whereas females have the vast majority of the investment. Guys can walk away but females cannot. If nudity makes it easier to procreate, it is not hard to imagine why females might shy away from nudity--not because they are uncomfortable with nudity.

              Originally posted by Navigator View Post
              My wife and I were regulars for over a decade...every weekend, all year the nude beach at San Onofre in S.Ca. In fact, we met there.

              Each weekend we sat with the same group of 4-6 couples and this subject would come up sometimes. Since we were there all the time, we knew all the regulars...most of whom were couples.

              Here's what we noticed. If you looked down the beach on a busy afternoon you would see guys standing to talk while their wives and girlfriends were sitting to talk and socialize. This made the guys FAR more obvious at first glance.

              Guys stand around in small groups with their feet in the water with a cold beer, or maybe next to the vollyball courts watching the game, while their women were sitting just up the beach with their women friends.

              So...if you were a newcomer walking into the nude beach area and scanning the crowd (which is frequently 500 or more people in the summer) your first "wide-angle" impression would be that there are a LOT more guys than girls.

              Since we knew most everyone, when we would see a guy by himself we would know his wife was nearby, but a newcomer wouldn't see it the same way.

              Of course, this wasn't true for the gay area, and if you count that then perhaps you're right. If you don't count the gays that go to their end of the beach, then San Onofre at the volleyball end is, by far, mostly couples and family's with kids.

              You just don't see it initially because guys stand up to socialize more often and women, more often, sit in their beach chairs to socialize.

              Also, we've noticed the same effect at Haulover Beach in Florida.
              When I go to the beach, I don't see guys standing and gals sitting. Both are doing both. However I do see that people play frisbee, football, etc. with the same sex, and guys tend to play more than gals. So I do kind of agree that you will see guys up more than gals, but it is to play...not just standing talking.


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                It's been nearly twelve years since the last post in this thread and it is interesting reading. Things have not changed much. I no longer watch broadcast TV, do not have cable or satellite, and use streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. There is plenty of nudity in many of those productions with it as part of a sex scene. Women are shown fully nude, some shaved, some more natural. Men for the most part are seen from behind. After watching Shameless on Netflix, I can recall only one scene where male frontal is shown in a natural setting. The character was at home living a nude life to enable his body to breathe. Another scene in a different episode had the character entering a hot tub while wearing a thong. All the female participants were wearing bikinis and they did comment on the brevity of his attire when some of those bikini tops covered an absolute minimum amount of breast.
                One thing that I have noticed is that the films and videos that promote nudist resorts and the lifestyle are as guilty as any when it comes to keeping the male covered. They tend to be shown from the backside, to sit with their legs crossed, or have something in their lap. When standing they may be behind a bush or a prop of some kind. If media promoting the nudist experience is so reserved that it intentionally hides the penis, how can we expect nudity to become more acceptable in other media?


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                  I go next week. Why is nobody posting?


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                    I usually watch cable stations as well, and nudity is more accepted for the most part. The only exception was the mini series Spartacus. There was excessive female and male frontal scenes, none shadowed out or blurred over. It literally showed everything. The main reason I see positive, it was a story line that carried over episode after episode. I actually liked the series. I called it a male soap opera, lol
                    My main point is, as long as there is an actual story involved, I believe nudity will be tolerated, as long as there is no porn. Sure, there were several erotic scenes, but a lot was left to the imagination, more like "soft sex" without the visual.
                    I wish regular broadcast TV would lighten up a little more to nudity. After all, just about everything is allowed as far as profanity goes, usually with no bleeps, i.e., late night shows.


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                      Originally posted by bernardc View Post
                      male genitals.

                      "talking about the level of appeal to men or women. I am a confirmed heterosexual male but I understand how it is possible for some men to "love" the appearance of other men, and I have seen at least one homosexually-oriented video in my lifetime where I could say the actors were "sexy"! Seriously, this was not like the guys in "traditional" old school mainstream pornography, this was like bodybuilding-type men, "Thunder From Down Under" or Chippendales-class men and there is no denying by any standard they were extremely physically attractive!"

                      Just agreeing with you here,but from another angle.I think that the main image or stigma people have with the male genitals in the media,is that due to porn,its associated to much with sexual performance such as penetration,and ejaculation,and is seen only as a sexual tool.
                      Further more,perhaps the focus on the hugeness of the male penis is also over emphasised in films,and that brings with it sexual performance.Maleness is assumed by the hugeness/thickness of the penis,and that is seen as a status symble of sorts.
                      The penis must not determine maleness,only the biological ID of one as a male person.The penis must not be singled out,but seen as a part of creation,as is hands or feet etc.This I believe ,can be traced back to body curiosity and body shame.The hidden fear that a penis could erect is immediately associated with sexualness,and not seen as a normal act of humanity as for example,getting goose bumps.It must be seen as a physiological normality of being male.Perhaps the publick needs to be re-educated.A penis is not special,and neither is a vagina.Equal exposure,I say.
                      Sure, erections are a perfectly natural bodily function. So is defecation, tho - and that is something that most people dont want to see depicted in ANY media! lol Likewise, menstruation is a normal female bodily function, yet almost never depicted in media. I guess it's a matter of personal standards as to whether the sight of erection is offensive or not, but I dont blame resorts for erring on the side of 'hide it, if you can'. Since there is already a gender imbalance in naturism, as well as ongoing concerns about overtly sexual displays / behavior, I think it's best to be cautious in this area.


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                        It may all be about sex, the TV show Naked Attraction from the UK is an exception to most of this discussion. Men are shown nude from the waist down and the female contestant eliminates them one at a time until the last man standing is given a chance for a date. There is discussion of size, shape, and whether it is straight or curves. Circumcision or lack thereof is also a talking point. The first man eliminated, is gone strictly because of the look, or size of his penis. As more of the body is given exposure, the second guy is eliminated, but I am reasonably sure that the second and third guy may also be eliminated by some women because of the look of his penis instead of the entire body revealed.
                        Conversely, the male contestants get to eliminate females just by their look from the waist down.
                        My wife has told me that she stopped dating several guys because they were too small. She says that length does not matter, it is the girth that counts and circumscisions look better.


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                          People become comfortable about dressing a certain way and develop phobias about changing it.

                          I saw a news story about a teenage girl who had been kidnapped to a Muslim country by her father. Her mother eventually tracked her down and had her returned to the United States. The girl had become accustomed to wearing a headscarf, and it took many days for her to become comfortable with taking it off.


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                            My dad stressed that we wear clothes to hide our nakedness. I'm not sure that's what Jesus meant to clothe the naked. I'm sure he wanted us to take care of the poor.