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I want to go nude, but I get an erection when I do

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  • I want to go nude, but I get an erection when I do

    HI, I have been trying to go nude for a while now, even just around the house by myself, but I always seem to get an erection. Do you have any tips for avoiding one? Thank you so much.

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    Well, you can't think about it for one. Just start around the house untill it is natural for you and you don't produce the erection. After that you can try and go to beaches, clubs and whatever else. One big thing to remember while at a club or beach is that you can't really show that. Just turn over until it goes away. Just don't flaunt it if you know what I mean.


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      That is my biggest worry myself as a new nudist but mostly a closet nudist. The thing is that it will go away and also like bikeboy said, try not to think about it. I am not an expert and have never been to a social nudist place/event but have read a few of the posts here on this forum and found a census is to cover up and try not to flaunt anything and just be yourself and relax and have fun. I am looking forward to my first social nudist experience and hope yours goes well.



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        One good thing, in this case, erections do not stay forever. If they come up, hide, turn over, jump in the water or something, and after a while, your system will now how to act. Believe me, it does not take long for your system to know what to do.


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          it helps if you can have a social visit in the home or visit others in the home. this will get you used to being around nude people. the more you're around nudist the less it's likely to happen.


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            I have to agree with nudewv. I believe that social interaction with others is a great help.


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              The best thing is to just keep going nude whenever possible and you will eventually get more used to being nude.


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                That has never happened to me...My first time in a social setting, I was so nervous it would not happen...thankfully.
                Even while posing for an art class, and everyone is staring at you..your nervousness can negate anything else!


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                  Ironically, being nervous seems to cause one sometimes for me. I've found it helps to have something else to focus on: swimming, reading, playing a game, etc. Failing that, get together with a group of friends who won't freak out over an erection, and just get used to the nudity. Once the novelty wears off, you shouldn't have much to worry about.


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                    We should post a F.A.Q on the erection topic so we dont have an erection topic come up every other day.


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                      Personally I find erections fine. They are normal. For one to come up, (no pun intended) is really an honor where some men spend big $$ to get one.

                      My wife thought erections were great, they were a compliment to her. In a social setting they are fine as long as petting does not accompany it.


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                        I agree with Bex.

                        But all these first-time posters don't seem to read the FAQ anyway.

                        All you need to do is get used to it. It doesn't matter if you get an erection when your home alone. But find something else to do besides looking at your erection and pretty soon it will go away.


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                          This is normal for a first time nudest. It happened to me at first. You will get use to it.

                          I don't worry too much about it.


                          Happy & Nude

                          Originally posted by janderson:
                          HI, I have been trying to go nude for a while now, even just around the house by myself, but I always seem to get an erection. Do you have any tips for avoiding one? Thank you so much.


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                            It is normal,If i share my experience,u will get answer.When I started to avoide my undergarments,u c it was errected with my pants and shirt.I was not aware of nudism,Only in bath room i used to be nude.Then when i get chance to stay alone,I started to remove cloths,It started like that.later with out under garments it become allright and now with out dress also is normal.It is a matter of time.If u spend more time with out cloths ,with in one day u will get answer.Dont worry ,stay naked


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                              One of the perceived "challenges" of nudism is dealing with the 'free willy' syndrome (I just coined that by the way).

                              janderson, I hope you will see this and take it to heart!

                              For males and females alike, I suspect becoming sexually aroused is a bit embarassing and an area of concern though it hardly needs to be. The reaction of your body to stimulus is perfectly normal and the "challenge" part is maintaining your civilized composure and reorienting yourself to the idea that nudity should not be embarassing. Any excitement is VERY likely to pass if you ignore it or distract yourself with other activities such as walking, swimming, playing frisbee or taking a cold shower (is that a social activity?!?).

                              I much the same way your face flushes during an awkward moment, your palms sweat when nervous, or your elbow tingles if hit in just the wrong way, an erection is wonderfully normal and ABSOLUTELY nothing to be ashamed of.

                              Nude gentleman continue to conduct themselves as such and ladies are as reserved and cautious as ever even when they are not wearing any clothes. All of our "personal space" behaviors are instinctual and our "comfort zone" is either evolutionary or learned as we grow.

                              Everyone asks similar questions before they have spent a significant amount of time nude among others, so it really is not a difficult question to answer.

                              A more complex question that is asked much less frequently involves the rare male who writes they are unable to think of anything except sex while nude, (I suppose) to the point where they become tongue tied, dumbfounded and feel extraordinarily out of place among nudists. This "condition" is possibly due to being over-stimulated by sexual imagery throughout teenage years and not having a balanced level of positive and negative influences to learn from. A young man taught to view women as objects to be possessed, dominated and subservient, or as the "weaker sex" is likely to have more issues to overcome when venturing into nudism for the first time, but these views likely effect their "ordinary" (clothed) everyday lives also!

                              The only serious concern is avoiding thorny bushes along the sides of any paths you travel as they REALLY sting!