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  • Testicles Pain

    Hi everyone I'm Kulwinder and I'd like to know if there are other men who also have pain in one of their testicles cause there is one of my testis which has been very painful for a number years which at times is extremely very painful and neither the GP or hospital have done anything to help me and I've had so many scans and there's nothing to point out any problems in any of my testicles so there for I'd appreciate it if there are men out there who are also suffering from the same problem as mine and at times i really feel overwhelming due to this terrible pain

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    Can't say that I have recently. When I did it was due to a position that I was sitting in twisting one of the boys. lol.
    If I were you, I would not put off getting a referral to urologist because the GP may be missing something. You have to listen to your body.

    Take care!


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      I agree, a GP will only offer some relief, but a Urologist, which is his specialty, will be able to diagnose the problem and actually treat it. Having pain for a number of years sounds like you may have something serious. It's definitely worth the trip.


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        I third the motion. Go to a urologist


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          Definitely see the urologist!


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            I wonder whatever happened to this dude