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Genital piercings in Naturally Magazine

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  • Genital piercings in Naturally Magazine

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      I think N should show what people would actually see on a nude beach. This includes piercings (however barbaric I think they happen to be). It doesn't deserve to be made too big a deal over.


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        I agree, it should reflect the cultural norms of the larger society. So what might not go over well in say the heartland might be accepted on the west coast. I myself have seen many people with genital peircings some of sourse have more than others.


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          I very much dislike genital piercing, which to me is genital mutilation. I think revealing this unfortunate practice in naturist magazines would give a very bad impression to many persons, and would give suggestible persons an unfortunate idea to "mutilate" themselves.

          I can tolerate casually seeing nipple piercing, eventhough, to me, it seems like a desecration and some mutilation of one's glorious, wonderful, even sacred body.

          Seeing some miniture "barbells" sticking through these piercings, to me, is very unaesthetic (ugly), also.

          I never liked seeing piercing in pictures of primitive tribes, and never in my wildest imagination, did I think that our culture would take up this primitive mutilation.

          I hope primitive scarification does not become popular too.

          I think that the very worst practice is displaying a metal piece in a piercing in the penis. Gross! Disrespectful of the body!

          Sometimes I wonder if someone is trying to punish themselves (like flagulation) by abusing their body (penis). Maybe the Prince Albert penis wearers may not be the new acetic, self defacing persons, (like wearing sack cloth and ashes, or flagulating one's self) but may be gross "showoffs" and those bucking society.

          Surely let the natural body radiate nude, in all it's glory, without all the defacing hardware or permanent ink on the body.

          If one of our art models has hardware sticking out of his/her body (including through the female "genital hood") I feel like walking out and returning some other day when a completely natural looking model is there.

          I would hope that most of us revere the body and would not want it altered unnecessarily.

          <center><hr width= "60%"></center>

          If a person wants to actually adorn the body, here are some "non-invasive" suggestions from what I have observed at resorts.

          <LI>A male can put a (non-binding) gold band around his penis. (Guys, sorry, your old, unused wedding band will probably not fit on your penis. I suppose that you could take it to the jewelers and get the wedding band enlarged - and hope that the jeweler does not ask you to try it on).

          <LI>A female can put removable gold bands (gold rings) around her nipples.

          <LI>She can wear two or three jewels hanging on a short chain from her navel, if she knows of a non-invasive method to keep it attached to her navel.

          <LI>She can wear a delicate ankle chain bracelet.

          <LI>She can wear the somewhat popular larger gold link waist band.

          <LI>Of course, anyone can wear a nice neckless,

          <LI>and a fancy waterproof watch.

          <LI>A narrow watchband could second as a woman's charm bracelet if some dangling (naturist) "charms" were affixed to it.

          <LI>A non-permanent coloring can be used, if you must have temporary color.

          <center>This all said, l will certainly accept and honor anyone regardless of piercings, tatoos, etc.</center>

          P.S. Maybe the Apostle Paul had a reverent respect for the body when he is quoted in First Corinthians 3:16 & 17, as saying;

          "Know ye that that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are."

          I myself, do not believe, as Paul did, that God destroys anyone, but, as Paul apparently did, I believe in the holiness, sancity of the human body, and hope that the body is exempt, safe from piercing, etc.


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            It's personally something I would never want done. That particular peircing might be just a my limited knowledge I don't know of any ancient or tribal culture that peirces their penis or clitoris....OUCH!!

            So here's an irony in the argument...

            - We should be encouraged to accept them as they are.
            - They should be encouraged to accept themselves as they are (or WERE in this case).

            Who is the less accepting, I'm not sure?


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              David77 is a fellow I sometimes disagree with, but not on this issue.

              Those of us who think that the human body cannot be improved upon in its nude splendor are not inclined to puncture it.

              The resort I go to forbids genital piercings and I am glad they take a stand against this.
              I guess that is a second issue beyond the question of disrespect of the body: the exhibitionistic nature of the jewelry draws undue attention to the genitals much the same way a bikini draws attention to the crotch of the wearer. With unadorned nudity, by constrast the body parts are integrated seamlessly into the whole.


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                I don't like genital or nipple piercings to look at, and would certainly never consider one myself, but I wouldn't want to stop others from doing what they wish to with their own bodies. I don't have any problem with ear or nose piercings, and don't want to treat other parts differently.

                Certainly tattoos I often like, and might even consider having one myself. I would hate to see nudism become a bastion of illiberality.


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                  IMHO piercings and tattoos are like graffiti--sometimes interesting or even attractive, but mostly it detracts from the natural beauty of what it covers--especially when people do it to extremes. I see people who are covered nearly from head to toe and wonder why they do it.

                  I saw a man in the hot tub once with so many piercings in his genitals that I had all I could do to keep from staring and counting how many he had out of curiosity.


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                    I agree with David77 100%.


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                      Jon Marc, it's a bit like a guy who has "kick me" tattooed to his hind quarters and then is astonished when people take him up on the request.

                      Nudist parks and resorts and the national organizations are in a position of leadership. Since admission through their gates is controlled, they can set standards of dress for those who wish to visit their property. People come to nudism from all walks of life and the newbies don't always know how to behave and need encouragement to accept their unadorned undressed bodies as God gave them.

                      Rather than let textile body shame or some fad from swinger or S&M culture call the tune, resorts in particular, but also magazines and national organizations need to step up to the plate and have policies that affirm the nude body, as is!


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                        Although I am personally not into the body adornment craze, I feel the magazines publicizing the naturist//nudist life should potray the life as it is and present the whole gamut. With the photos showing the whole gamut, one will not be surprised when they visit a beach or club.


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                          Correct me if I am wrong, but I got the impression that what we are talking about in the magazine was not merely a single photo that happened to include a pierced guy, but an article that focused attention on piercings and possibly advocated them.

                          I hope that a national magazine would not advocate self-multilation and defend it in the name of nudism. There's no "freedom" in that.


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                            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Trailscout:
                            Correct me if I am wrong, but I got the impression that what we are talking about in the magazine was not merely a single photo that happened to include a pierced guy, but an article that focused attention on piercings and possibly advocated them.

                            I hope that a national magazine would not advocate self-multilation and defend it in the name of nudism. There's no "freedom" in that. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

                            Based on the information provided, you are quite wrong. There is no mention of an article, no mention of the magazine either focusing on or advocating genital piercings.

                            As for freedom, I'm in favor of people having the freedom to do with their own bodies what they choose, and I'm grateful that I'm free from a need to pass judgement on those people based on their choice.

                            If you don't like genital peircing, fine. Leave it at that. It's not as though they're running about trying to pierce yours.

                            Oh, and by the way, if the magazines were to "reflect the cultural norms of the larger society," everyone pictured would be clothed and you would have no idea who or what was pierced.

                            It sometimes amazes me how intolerant some who want acceptance of their own ways can be.



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                              Thankfully both resorts I've visited this year will have none of it.

                              I am sure that those who insist on puncturing and mutilating their own bodies can find sanctuary easily enough. No one is forcing them to stop this destructive practice.