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Nudism and Piercings

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  • My wife and I were at a naturist resort and went into the sauna with a young woman who was sporting nipple rings. Then, after about 10 minutes or so, something happened which I'd never given any thought to. The young woman started to complain about severe burning pain in her nipples and had to leave the sauna!
    Apparently, our bodies adapt to the heat and keep us from cooking but the metal in those nipples just got hotter and hotter until they started to fry some delicate tissue. Ouch!!


    • I thought about getting a piercing. Then I noticed it wouldn't be a good idea.


      • Having to deal with textiles attitudes toward my desire to go naked is definitely reflected in so many of the posts by, supposedly more enlightened, people about this topic.
        It’s all about sex, that’s why you want to be naked.
        It’s all about sex, that’s why you want piercings.

        As far as I’m concerned, if we accept that it is ok to take off our clothes then we should accept tattoos and jewellery revealed when those clothes come off. It is behaviour (touching, playing, etc) that could perhaps be frowned on, not just the mere fact of having tattoos or jewellery.

        I read comments in this topic like (not direct quotes):
        “If they want to be nude, they should take the jewellery off.” I hear echos of the textiles demanding that we put clothes on to conform to their sensibilities. And besides, it’s not always so easy to “take it off”, especially in regard to tattoos.
        “Having jewellery, especially genital jewellery, draws your attention to their genitals.” I hear echoes of the textiles saying, we can’t have you going nude as it draws out attention to parts of your body we don’t want to see, especially your breasts and genitals.
        ”How can they have these tattoos/piercings? It’s weird, disgusting, strange, unusual, confronting…”. Textiles agree with you and say all those similar things about the desire of a nudist to go unclothed.
        ”Inconspicuous jewellery might be ok, but nothing that I consider over the top should be allowed”. Textiles say, wearing a bathing suit might be ok, maybe going topless, but fully nude! That is going too far!

        Whether you are personally into tattoos or piercings should not be the issue in accepting that some people are. Some of the comments about people who do like tattoos/piercings are EXACTLY the type of comments that I hear from textiles about the idea of viewing a nude body, especially a non-perfect nude body.

        It shouldn’t be a matter of dress, undress or decoration, but rather how a person behaves. A fully clothed, non-tattooed, non-pierced person who behaves inappropriately is more of an issue to me than a nude, tattooed, pierced person who behaves well. If said tattooed, pierced individuals turn out to actually behave inappropriately, then by all means censure them, but leave the rest alone. Just as most nudists want to be left alone by textiles.

        I always imagined that those who flew in the face of custom, traditions and social norms would be more open and accepting, but the more I read and listen to comments and read the various nudist laws and by-laws around the world the more I feel that nudists are, perhaps, no different from textiles in their wider attitudes and acceptance of other ideas.

        PS. At 52, I currently have no tattoos or piercings, but you never know… LOL


        • How old were the comments? I feel that attitude has definitely shifted in the last 15 years


          • Thought about getting the Prince Albert but haven't gone through with it don't know if I could painful but would look good


            • I'd be scared ****less of infection but that's just me


              • it is important to note that the decision to allow genital piercings in mainstream nudist company is ultimately up to the individual organization and its policies regarding body modifications..