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Nudist wives: why everyone wants one (and why it sucks when you don't have one)

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  • Nudist wives: why everyone wants one (and why it sucks when you don't have one)

    Obviously my title and post are a bit "tongue-in-cheek" since some guys are perfectly happy single; and some guys prefer having a nudist husband.


    There's about a gazillions posts about guys asking: "how do I convince my wife to try nudism?" So there's something there. Many guys would like to have a nudist wife.

    From a relationship standpoint, it makes complete sense. Our wives are our life-companions (50% of the time) so we'd much prefer to enjoy nudism with them rather than alone. Sometimes we might even find our wives attractive, and seeing them comfortably naked is a joyful experience. This summer I was at a resort with my wife; and she was standing at the edge of the pier chatting with some canoers on the lake. As I saw her standing there naked and confident overlooking the canoers, merrily chatting with them, I couldn't help but think: "WOW!! My wife is awesome!" So there's definitely an element of pride and admiration.

    And then, there's the social aspect. A guy by himself almost automatically invites suspicion: "Why is her here? Is he going to be looking at my wife? Why is he looking at my kids?!" But as most (I would hope) of us now that most single guys just want to be accepted and fit in. And the last thing they want is to be escorted off the premises.
    But...being accompanied by a wife almost always confers a sense of legitimacy. And therefore acceptance. I experienced it first hand when I first went to a nudist club by myself; and then returned accompanied by my wife. Not saying it's a good thing; but it is a reality.

    Having been married twice, and met many other nudist wives, I came to a conclusion. Nudist wives have super-powers. Their power is to influence the nudist environment. I remember the first time my (first) wife went nude at our club (the first time she kept on her sarong and she started that way on the second). When she decided to whisk off her sarong in a "oh...why the heck not?" moment, the atmosphere suddenly changed as people showered her with enthusiasm and positive feedback at her newly-revealed nudity. At that moment I also practically no longer existed. It was all about "Shelly got naked! YAY!!"
    Confident and comfortable nudist wives also have the power to "turn" other wives. I remember when a VERY reluctant wife came to our club; fully dressed and pretty upset (I think her husband had told her a bit of a fib about what to expect.) My wife (still the first) had entered her "fully confident" phase and decided to approach and interact with her (in the spirit of sisterhood.) The woman was initially a bit surprised and unsettled by this completely naked woman approaching her and starting a conversation. Then she warmed up to her (as my wife was always the congenial type). Long story short; as you might have guessed by now: a while later the woman is sitting next to my wife by the hot tub - her clothes having mysteriously vanished; and they're both naked and chatting like high-school best friends. The husband was puzzled as he had tried again and again to get his wife to disrobe, to no avail. It was all due to the nudist wife super-power, which apparently causes other women 's clothes to vanish.

    I don't know all the sociological factors that make the nudist wife such a "powerful" force in nudism. I asked my (current) wife and she gave me a cheeky reply: "Naked women are nicer!" Does that mean they are more congenial or more attractive? I think her answer lies somewhere in the middle. It took my wife a while to get used to being "openly exposed" around other people. But now that she is totally comfortable being actively naked it definitely has made a difference in our nudist interactions. People see her being positively naked and start conversations; and women that are a bit shy gravitate towards her and absorb some of her nudist wife powers.
    All joking aside: if you have a nudist wife, celebrate her. If you have a reluctant wife, do not bemoan her. And if you have no interest in a nudist wife, well good for you!

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    Hmm ... interesting post. I wouldn't say my wife is a nudist, but we have been to nude beaches. She seems to enjoy, but is reluctant to try clubs or other nudist activities.