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Intimacy Concerns for Nudists

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  • Intimacy Concerns for Nudists

    A question was brought to my attention yesterday by a new female friend. That I had never heard of before, took me off guard. She not a nudist, so her concern after we had been talking about me being one. Her question was me being so comfortable showing my nude body, how would that effect me being intimate. And how would I know the difference from just being nude with another female to something more intimate in nature. She was concerned that 2 people being nude together should be a more intimate and passionate experience. I was at a loss for words, but only could say that I was sure that I would able to differentiate the two. But she was not that sure. Can anyone shade more light on this subject? I was trying to convince her about the nudist life style.

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    There are ways to enjoy nudity around company, males and females, where intimacy is not an issue. It's how you handle those situations is what differentiates the two. You can have fun i.e., swimming, sports, lounging, dining, and of course dancing. To me, dancing would be the most difficult, especially if it's a slow dance, which I'm not sure if it's allowed at a resort.
    Should certain bodily "functions" happen on the dance floor, it's how those situations are handled.
    Being together and hugging between the two can also cause bodily "functions" to happen.
    Should an issue "arises", it's how you deal with the situation. Simply go off to the side until the problem goes away is the best way to handle it. You obviously don't flaunt the issue for all to see.
    Over time, even this issue will go away. All it takes is practice, especially if one is in the high "active" age range. The longer you practice nudism around others, the more those issues go away.
    The way you conduct yourself around others is how you become more accepted in the nudist community. To simply go naked for cheap thrills is NOT acceptable. There is a time and place for everything. You just have to be able to differentiate the two. where you don't embarrass yourself or others around you.


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      It really more about behavior and body language "signals" than the nudity per se.

      The "naked hugs" nudeM brought up are a good example. The more commonly practiced form of hugging between nudists is often referred to as the "tripod", as the back and shoulder are touched but the feet remain apart. But there are situations, like between longtime nudist friends or "touchy-feely" people, where the bodies are brought in direct contact, as in the "bear hug." I've had a few of those here and there.

      Obviously, in the later case, between men and women: breasts and chest will probably come into contact; if not other body parts. But I've most often felt it as a comforting gesture of friendship and appreciation rather than a titillation; as their body language reflected that. But undoubtedly it might turn into something else if the body language is more "solicitous", such as rubbing chests, looking deeply into someone's eyes as the hug occurs, or pulling someone in so close that the genitals touch and maintaining that "connection."

      Sitting positions while interacting with someone is the same. Sitting in an open-legged position might simply mean the person is comfortable with you and trust you enough to relax and be comfortable. But if the person behavior indicates that he/she really wants you to "look" down there, than it might indicate that the person is looking for more than just socialization.

      But it can be hard explaining this to a non-nudist. Many can't see past a "man being able to look at a woman's naked body" and vice-versa; and having "thoughts" about it. I have hugged many nude women and chatted with many in various sitting positions; and found it easy to not have many "thoughts about it."


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        I'll just make the observation that most intimate encounters begin with clothes on and that the act of undressing heightens the titillation.