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A nudist living with a conservative wife

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  • A nudist living with a conservative wife

    I am New to being a nudist. Finally have an empty nest. Always wanted to be nude 24 hours a day if possible. I’m retired so I chose to boldly go where few me go with an ultra conservative wife. It was nearing my birthday this year and I just told her I wanted to be nude in our home as much as possible and that I have wanted to do this for 40 years. Of course she immediately accused me of being wierd and perverted. She is ashamed to take off her clothes in front of me, much less join me in the lifestyle.
    but i stood strong and told her this is what I was going to do. Another slam! She tells me that women are not turned on by nude men and if I think it turns her on it doesn’t. It’s repulsive! I said well it makes me happy and makes me feel good, so I am going to do it. So as soon as she goes to work I strip off and I am naked till she gets home at only which time I put on a t shirt short enough to be a mini skirt with my balls and cheeks hanging out and that seems to keep her from making comments.
    i have now been naked the most of 5 days and I think she is beginning to accept it.
    some Times there is no easy way to do this but it is well worth the effort.
    i love my new found freedom!
    any suggestions?

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    Your wife is right. Women typically aren't turned on by nude men. If you want to rev her engines, dress up as an airline pilot.


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      Originally posted by Mosquito_Bait View Post
      Your wife is right. Women typically aren't turned on by nude men. If you want to rev her engines, dress up as an airline pilot.
      I took it as RB's wife strictly associating nudity with sex; and stating that seeing him openly naked will not provide the arousal she thinks he's looking for. I think that because my wife said something similar in the beginning of our relationship ("hanging around with my junk out wasn't going to make her want to have sex with me more", which obviously wasn't what I was looking for).

      In order to avoid that kind of misunderstanding, you have to be able to articulate clearly and concisely that it's about comfort and there's no sexual component involved.

      I was able to do that; and I explained it to my wife well enough that she stopped assuming it was all "about sex." Then when she herself realized that being naked around me wouldn't be interpreted as an "invitation", she started being more comfortable walking around naked herself. And she eventually agreed to visit a nudist resort after she started understanding the non-sexual philosophy behind it. We are now in our fourth year of active social nudism; and she enjoys spending the day (or week end) naked, so I must have done something right!

      But you have to start with conversation and debate. And to do that you have to be able to talk about it.


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        I've seen the results of a non-scientific poll that suggests that women consider a penis ugly, and I would have to agree. I've been working around the house while nude more in the last few months and it has not brought any negative comments. However, I am warned when the grandsons are on their way over even though I am allowed to be in my office chair or in the hot tub with nothing on while they are here. When they join me in the tub, they are nude too.


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          I've been a nudist for the better part of 20 years. This is the second year (been leading up to this) I have been totally nude mostly all day, inside and outside. The only time I wear anything is when our Grandson is around, but I don't "jump" to cover. The only thing I wear when he is around is my skimpy wrap around. I work in the shop, (garage) totally naked. Our washer and dryer are in there. He has a job and washes his own clothes. I'll be in the shop and he walks in to do the laundry. Yes, he catches me naked, but since I'm in "my" shop, I'll stay naked. He knows whenever I'm in the shop or in the pool, I'm naked. Once he goes to work, everything comes off.
          My wife hasn't objected to my lifestyle. Again, I'll wear my wrap around when everyone is together in the living room, kitchen, or any other shared rooms. Once the Grandson is gone, I'm totally clothes free.


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            On our first visit to a Naturist Club in NC back in 2002, my wife was not willing to disrobe, not yet feeling comfortable. As time and very open talking went on, she said she’d like to try again.
            After we moved to Kansas, we wanted to join a club there, and before long we were singing karaoke, nude, in front of about 60 people! After we were finished, she said “that was so embarrassing“! I said “why because we were naked?“ She answered “no! I mean we sang so badly!“ LOL


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              Originally posted by swedenu View Post
              After we were finished, she said “that was so embarrassing“! I said “why because we were naked?“ She answered “no! I mean we sang so badly!“ LOL
              Good one and cool story!!

              For those of us lucky enough to have seen our partners "transition" from conservative wife to confident nudist; stories like this are easily relatable.

              My wife started out at the nude beach; and she was only topless for a short while. After that she decided nudism "wasn't for her" and it would take two years - and many conversations - before she would consider giving it another shot; at a nudist resort. She enjoyed it, even agreed to visiting a couple other resorts; yet she covered up much of the time, as she didn't really want to be openly naked around other people.
              Then one day, out of the blue, she decided to "rip off the band-aid." Instead of covering up to go on a short hike, she decided to walk with me naked; much to my surprise. The hike turned into a full tour of the resort, and she showed no embarrassment as we encountered other nudists along the way. Clearly she had given it some thought, and had decided that this would be the day she would be go "full nudist."
              Now, after we check in, we both get naked right away, and she stays nude the entire time we're there. So yes, a "conservative" wife can turn into a full-fledged, confident social nudist.