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  • Exercising naked

    Just wondering how many other people here enjoy exercising naked like me.

    I regularly enjoy running naked for a few miles along quiet country trails, although I normally carry my running shorts to cover up if spotted. Now that the days are drawing in, I now go running at night wearing only my headtorch.

    I must say that it's a really great experience to feel the freedom of running naked. Another perk is that there are no sweaty sports clothing to wash at the end of the training session.
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    Excerising naked

    If i run i would need some athletic support. I do walk 4 miles at the mall every morning.


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      Everything we do here we do nude. If retiring to a farm wasn't enough I do still manage to make it to the free weights at the gym after throwing hay bales around all morning.

      It is a private gym that allows us to be nude so several men and women do their workout routines nude as well - there are a lot of competitive body builders in the gym (and no I am not one of them, I am more of what is called a 'power lifter' - like the Olympic weightlifters) and very few run of the mill averages Joes so nudity isn't a big deal like it would be in a commercial gym.

      Of course with all the competitive body builders walking around there is a whole lot of preening and posing going on.


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        I'm usually nude when I workout also. Nothing beats getting all worked up and the fresh air dry you off. Of course, I workout at home. I wish there was a gym where I could practice working out nude, but not around here.


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          That's another temperature dependent thing around here. Since I blew out a knee last Spring I have laid off running in favor of a treadmill in the basement. In warm weather I only wear shoes and socks but, as the weather has cooled I've added a t-shirt. I much prefer nude workouts to clothed.


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            naked exercising

            I hike nude and ride a bicycle nude, or at least did before someone stole my bike. Nude hiking is a favorite of mine. It is mostly walking, but I enjoy it a great deal.


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              Nude workouts...

              I also prefer to bushwalk (hike..) and mountain bike nude;

              and I will exercise nude when alone - I would do weights nude too, but don't have the facilities at this time..

              and I prefer to swim, surf and sunbathe nude, as well, where possible...


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                Nude Yoga

                Yoga is my main form of excercise and while I go to a few clothed classes a week I much prefer the nude classes that I also attend. And when doing yoga at home I always do it nude.


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                  In warm weather I like to hike nude in the woods and in the winter I like to ride my exercise bike in the nude. I can't ride my bicycle in the nude, but I do ride it with very minimal running shorts on.

                  I need to purchase a treadmill, and when I get this it will be used nude.


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                    Excercising naked

                    I'm up on my treadmill almost every morning, and I'm always nude. It only makes sense. Why would I want to make some clothes all sweaty. I'm often barefoot when I walk, but sometimes I'll wear some sneakers. It all depends on how hard I intend to work out.

                    Now that the weather has gotten cooler, I'll usually start with a cut off t-shirt, but I loose that after about 10-15 minutes.

                    Last summer when we were on our vacation in the Bahamas, I'd get up most mornings about the time the sun came up, and I'd take off down the beach completely nude. There were about a dozeon other houses strung out along the 1.4 miles beach, but since we went during the low season, I never saw anyone else out there. If anyone was inside their house, and saw me, I never knew it.

                    Barefoot-n-Nude in Texas!


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                      Nude exercising

                      I like to hike nude, and at home do my weight lifting and stationary bike riding nude.


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                        Exercising Naked

                        I use the treadmill everyday also, mostly with shorts on but sometimes nude. I do find that the sweat is collected by the shorts and helps by not making the tread wet, so maybe for safety shorts are better if doing a long run.. But I try to ride my bike naked nearly everyday.


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                          Cleaning Offices is good exercising

                          When I do office cleaning, I do sweat alot with clothes on. So, I tried go nude cleaning the office alone. Boy, I felt a lot better. I felt cooler and not a sweat drop after some twenty minutes.

                          I have painted houses without clothes on.

                          I just found that there is a nude yoga classes at downtown. I am thinking about join it.

                          I also walk my dog nake. I do still carry my shorts with me. Yea one lady did caught me, but she walked by and said not a word. But a month later, I read the newspaper and there was someone reported it to the park ranger. I hoped it wasn't about me. But if it is, oh well.

                          It's hard to go nude when you are deaf. Not hearing others coming around and get caught.

                          I love to go skinny dipping on the beach. Others who have saw me have told me, that's cool.

                          I hate doing this alone. I hope someday others will follow suit.


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                            nude excercise

                            i have a treadmill i use at home, and have been asked to take part in the next world naked bike ride in sydney next year, which i will do, probably body painted


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                              I run at least two miles every morning but much as id like to doing that nude is not an option. first no place to run around here nude and second running with out a bra is not advisable. tried it a few times with just a tee shirt and my chest hurt for several days afterwards from the bouncing. Ill
                              stay with swimming nude.