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  • Naturist Men’s Backpacking EAST

    New Group on Meetup
    Naturist Men's Backpacking

    • NATURIST - (one who practices) a lifestyle of non-sexual social nudity, and the cultural movement which advocates for and defends that lifestyle. Both may also be referred to as nudism. Wikipedia
    • MEN - a group of adult male persons.
    • BACKPACKING - is the outdoor recreation of carrying gear on one's back, while hiking for more than a day. It is often but not always an extended journey, and may...involve camping outdoors. Wikipedia

    In a nut-shell:
    • non-sexual social nudity
    • adult males
    • carrying gear for more than one day
    • overnight camping

    This is a PRIVATE free-hiking group for men of all levels of experience (in life, personal freedom, sexual orientation, political and religious tolerance, and of course backpacking!) who enjoy and explore nudism while backpacking and camping, and doing it together. We are men of ACTION. We are here to challenge ourselves; to share our knowledge and experience as sportsmen with each other; and to take our adventures to another level scouting out various parks and trails we think would or could be great for clothes in-free hiking and/or camping.

    GEOGRAPHICALLY we are initially focussed on the lower-Mid-West, upper South, and Mid-Coast states. This includes: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, and possibly Tennessee, Virginia, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Events can be organized regionally and shared with the entire group, while all members are free to travel any distance to participate