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    GPS Reliance Follies

    According to Reuters some British and Germans drivers have been relying on their GPS units over-much, sometimes with tragic (or hilarious) results.

    A 53-year-old german driver that the device's instruction to turn "now" meant noot at the next corner but right that second, so he did and crashed right into a building.
    Another driver followed the instructions of his GPS to the letter, but ignored a very prominently placed "Closed for Construction" sign and plowed into a huge pile of sand.

    In London an Ambulance went 400 miles to make a twenty minute trip in November, and last May another took 90 minutes to take a crash victim to a hospital 10 minutes away, both were "due" to faulty "sat-nav" programing.

    Compelling Explanations

    Floyd Kinney Jr., pleading guilty in Northhampton County, PA last December to "Indescent Assault" on two young Girls, blamed the incidents on his wife's obsessive Bingo habit, which he said took her out of the house 3 or 4 times a week.

    Kevin Sutherland was arrested in Salt Lake City in December for downloading child porn on his office computer. He told investigators that he would "never" access child porn but that hed had been diagnosed with multiple personalities, one of which was a 16-year-old boy ("Casey") who likes to look at pictures of girls his own age.

    Definition: "Irony"

    Parents of some Castro Valley (California) High Scool, led by aggressive county judge Larry Goodman, have waged a campaign to oust the school's girls' basketball coach, Nancy Nibarger, claiming that she insufficiently valued their daughters' skills in team tryouts. In October, school officials, in a compromise, created a committee to pick the team, but the committee, too, found the complaining girls not worthy enough. Several of the parents, undaunted, vowed to continue seeking Nibarger's dismissal.