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    I was just talking to a father with a son in the Navy who is going back tomorrow (and you know where) after a two week leave.

    We got to talking about the bumpersticker I have that reads "Okay, we admit it; The Marines are a Department of the Navy ... The MEN'S Department!", and he said he had been in the Navy and attached to a six man team (my fellow Marines will know what that is).

    He proceeded to tell me a story of how he and a fellow Squid had to go through Marine AT when assigned even after 5 years in the Navy .... remember this is a Squid telling the story and you know how Sailors are notorious for their stories.

    The story goes that he and his buddy, a boy from the backwoods hollars of Kentucky found themselves lost in a sea of Marines and one Gunny who had their number and rode them to hell and back during their AT.
    Both decided to get even with the Gunny and while out on bivouac they snare a raccoon and intended on tossing into the Gunny's tent in the middle of the night.
    At 3am they proceeded to toss said raccoon into said tent, except it wasn't said tent. It was the unit Commander's tent.
    And it was on, the wailing and crashing and cursing ... later that morning as they were running in full packs and rifles over their heads, they both said we should have known which was the right tent..........

    As I was laughing I told him first off 3am is no time to find a Gunny in a tent, he won't be there and secondly if he was I'd pity the poor raccoon.

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    sw1 u.s n.


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      I have a question.

      Why is it every time a bunch of sailors does something stupid like picking a fight with a biker gang they scream for help from the lone Marine?

      Can't they take their beatings like a man?

      We get tired of beating up bikers for you guys, you know. You all laid out on the floor and not thanking us one bit ... just ain't right!


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          Come on I know there's more funny stories out there!


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            Nachtman, not to deflate you a bit but...Just remember, those un- weaponed ( I was going to say un-armed but then remembered Tholiminide) Corpmen that land with you so they can patch up the Marines to get them outta there in (more or less) one piece are ALL SWABBIES!!!


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              Un-weaponed? Not any Corpsman I knew.
              They carried more "weapons" than anyone else on the team.
              Blades, Chemicals, Ropes, seeesh they were a walking martial arts store!

              But as we say Corpsmen aren't swabbies they're Marines with funny colors on their uniforms.

              And the old adage is true:

              A Marine will walk by a sailor getting the tar and stuffing beaten out of him and reinserted in new places without a blink of an eye ... especially an officer ... But let one hair on a corpsman's head get blown out of place by someone breathing on him and the entire division will be on your a$$ before the hair returns to place.


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                Navy Corpsmen are not un-weaponed or un-armed. They usually carry a pistol, 9mm these days. When I was in Iraq we got ambushed and the doc unloaded 30 rounds in about a minute, never mind the target was about a 100 yards away. lol

                Not sure this would qualify as a funny story but here goes.

                A funny thing happened on the way to Bagdad.

                We had been on the attack for oh, a couple of weeks I guess. We would shoot and move never staying more than a day or so in any one place. Any way field sanitation is about what it was durring the civil war at least when you are on the move all the time. We generally were telling our guys to dig a cat hole inside our lines, not very private but it kept you from getting caught with your pants down. Well we had just pulled into a new Pos and we were getting set up. All of a sudden the sentry calls a react and we have half the unit about ready to light something up outside the perimeter. Up stands this guy with dark brown skin pulling up his pants. He gets a real worried look on his face and hollers, "Don't shoot it's me Thomas!" Thomas was a full blooded Piute indian. He had evidently gotten tired of crapping in front of us and decided to venture outside our lines but he neglected to tell the sentries on watch. Boy talk about a great laxative!


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                  As a Retired Navy Corpsman I spent almost 15 years with the Marine Corps. I had access to any small arms carried by the Marines and no one objected to me carrying something other than my .45/9mm. As a Corpsman, you did not want to look any different than your typical grunt. You do not want to draw any undo attention to yourself. Yes, Corpsmen are "non-combatants", but the people we are fighting do not care what your job is. They only see someone to kill. As Corpsmen we are part of the unit we are in so if you carry extra ammo you not only blend in but you are helping your own survival. Also, being "outsiders" we have to bust our rearends to prove to the Marines that we can keep up with them. Once we are accepted you can not ask for a better group a people to be assocciated with. One of the things that I am most proud of is to be able to say that I am a Grunt Corpsman.


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                    Hoo-Rah! David1234 and why does your uniform have those funny colors on it?