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How do you stop unwanted door knockers or solicitors? With a "Nude Door Knocker!"

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  • How do you stop unwanted door knockers or solicitors? With a "Nude Door Knocker!"

    How do you stop unwanted door knockers or solicitors? [Great gadget for home nudists!]

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    How do you stop unwanted door knockers or solicitors? [Great gadget for home nudists!]


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      Too cool. I love it. That should certainly slow many unwanted solicitotors from bothering someone.


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        Where can I buy one??


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          What about the children?

          Waddya wanna bet someone calls the police?

          I mean, this is at least as bad as a private nude bowling party in a private business with signs warning people to stay out ...



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            Oviously the children cannot reach it, therefore they'll have to knock with their knuckles at some lower point on the door.


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              too funny! i recently opened the door to jehovah's witnesses totally naked. it was a lady in her mid-thirties, and a girl about 10. they were completely focused on their mission, and never even looked as though i was something they had not expected. they kept up their pitch, and tried to schedule a return visit! i politely thanked them, and said no. they were polite, and left.


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                Nakkid in Cville:
                I had one school friend with what we many times used to go swim naked at boyhood, and he became many years later a JW, even their elderman, somehow our friendship diminished much. But sometimes rarely we meet at beach and at least few times happened, after he became JW elder, we get to plunge naked again.
                So, I cant see the deep reason JW would hate a nakedness otherhow in context of immorality. If any pretensions they own, its only SUSPICTION about immorality but not an ideological/theological basis as far I can see.


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                  Yes, I think there is some variation in how various religions and sects feel about nudity. Some probably avoid the issue. Johny, you may be right that many churches would not have a problem with nudity if they understood what nudism was about... and that it is not an immoral lifestyle (in it's pure form).

                  Regarding front door nudity... I was a pizza deliver guy years ago and two young men (who it seemed liked each other alot) answered the door naked. I think they were going for shock value, but they didn't know I was a nudist. I cheerfully sold them the pizza as usual and we all went on our merry ways. I had a couple other experiences of being "flashed", while delivering pizza, and had heard of other similar experiences of other pizza guys. We know that exhibitionism is not the way to get nude, but I guess it's a way many get nudity "out of their system".


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                    Have you considered the new people who would be knocking. People might find it fun and it would encourage knocking.


                    One time a group of them knocked on my door. They were going door to door. I asked if they were going to a neighbor's house. They said yes.

                    I told them the house was owned by a Rabbi and his wife had just come home from the hospital with the baby she had given birth to and asked them to skip that house out of compassion and they said they promised to knock on a certain number of doors.

                    I then suggested that they come around to my back door and skip the Rabbi's house. They agreed. At which point, I walked them out and made sure they skipped his house.

                    Later, the next neighbor wanted to know why I sent the witnesses to his house. I explained and we both laughed.