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    NudeM hit on a fun topic with his favorite song for Nude Dancing ...Any Others?...How about .."Close to You" by Karen Carpenter ... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] Odb

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    NudeM hit on a fun topic with his favorite song for Nude Dancing ...Any Others?...How about .."Close to You" by Karen Carpenter ... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] Odb


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      "Shake that booty"?
      "Born Free"
      "It is so hot in here, I wanna take my cloths off"
      "You can leave your hat on." Bob Seager

      Or are you looking for something more serious?


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        Uh, RM2, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" was by Joe Cocker, not Bob Segar. I just wanted to point that out.

        Usually when I'm in the buff, I usually have the radio on or I'm listening to a CD. Right now, I'm listining to U2's "Boy" and Pink Floyd's "Piper at the Gates of Dawn."


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          Didn't Bob Seger do a version of that?


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            You Can Leave Your Hat On was written by Randy Newman, but I do believe it was also recorded by Joe Cocker and Tom Jones.



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              Hey! Where are all you fun lovers?...How bout Glen Millers..."In The Nood"..We could all swing to that big band sound...Or Maybe Dorothy Fields ..."I'm in the Nood for Love"...Come On...Celebration Time...Come on...Theres a party goin on.... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] Odb


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                In my college jazz band, for which I played keyboard, we played one chart called "Get It On." If I could find the music, I could play it as "Take It Off"! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

                And for classical music lovers, there's Alexander Scriabin's "Poem of Ecstasy." (No, it's not about the drug! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif[/img] )


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                  O.K. ODB, I get it!

                  Kinda like a rock group, "Buns And Poses"

                  The pop group, "Nood Kids on the Block"

                  "Nood attitude" by the Pointer Sisters(?)

                  "Nood Sensation" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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                    Nood Vibrations by the Freebeach Boys.


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                      Hey Odie...been out of town for a couple of days, but maybe I can help you with this one.

                      Good songs to dance nood to:

                      "Dancing cheek to cheek" sorry I don't know the artist or if that is even the song title.

                      "My Eyes Adored You" by Frankie Vallee (sp)? The lyrics were something like:

                      My eyes adored you
                      Though I never laid a hand on you
                      My eyes adored you....

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                        Cheek to Cheek, written by Irving Berlin, probably in the 1930s. A favourite of dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and almost certainly sung by Fred, [amongst others].
                        The Streak, by Ray Stevens, early 70s, words on
                        Summer of '42, by Percy Faith and his Orchestra, words include, "And unashamed, she sheds her clothes".
                        And the strippers' music, which seems to have been around for ever, but which I think was written in the 1950s, The Stripper, by David Rose, and originally played by David Rose and his Orchestra.
                        I have a happy memory of this music. Kathy and I were at a big [non-nudist] party, where we were part of the entertainment.
                        I came on dressed as a female ballet dancer, to The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, followed by The Pizzicato Polka, followed by, surprise-----surprise, The Stripper. Anyway, some garment came off, to be spun around on the end of my magic wand, and hurled into the audience, and, as they all knew my liking to be nude, they all wondered what was going to happen next. But that was it, there's a time and place for everything, isn't there?


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                          Thanks! all you fun loving ,imaginative naturists for your great fun suggestions...Unfortunately...closet naturist that I am..I 'll probably just be "Dancing in the Dark" naked... Oh and hw you were truly missed by us fun lovers...Welcome back.. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] Odb