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  • You know you're from...

    You know you are from the South if...

    The men call it "glavantin" when they go out on Saturday night.

    You do ok with 3 channels on a B&W TV.

    You put ATV tires on the rear of your Poulan lawnmower so it wont get stuck mowing the barn pasture.

    Your nickname has nothing to do with your real name or anything you did.

    When picking huckleberries you put a joint of stove pipe on each leg to keep away the rattlesnakes.

    You know that "mustard" is not only the yellow stuff you put on hot dogs, but that it is a type of green vegetable.

    You know what a taw and an aggie and a cat's eye are.

    You know what Jack rocks are and what a Jack leg mechanic is.

    You know where the jumping-off place is and someone who has gone there.

    You know what "wool gathering" means.

    You know what "the short rows" are.

    You know what it means when your ma is 'fixin to snatch a nappy knot in your behind'

    Know any more? Please add them.

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    Are you a Yankee or a Rebel?

    Here's a short test -

    My score: "48% (Yankee). Barely in the Yankee category."


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      Definately a Yankee here! It may explain why I felt out of place most of the time I lived in the South.


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        Originally posted by nacktman:
        You know you are from the South if...

        The men call it "galavantin" when they go out on Saturday night....

        My mama was always fixin ta jerk a knot in my tail.

        Add one to the list: You know what Polk salad is... and have eaten it.

        Finally, someone who talks right! Now I'm homesick.


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          nifocinphx, took the test and only scored 83% rebel and the test asked if I was still using Confederate money, my grandmothers would be ashamed of me for scoring so low. What happened to the other 17% is what I'd like to know?

          freedom2be, yep got more.

          You know you're from the South if...

          You know what Sawmill gravy is.

          You know what the phrase "like a duck on a june bug" means.

          You get a new frock at the start of the new school year.

          You know the difference between a square nab and a round nab.

          You've used sidemeat to draw out the rust when you stepped on a nail.


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            38% (Yankee). You are definitely a Yankee.

            Course, here in Maine we never had cold Subs until Subway came to town. We had "Ham Hoagies" and "Italian Sandwiches". We don't have a front "yard", we have a front "door-yard".



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              I rated 44%, barely a yankee. Guess that explains why I still always have jowls, cornbread and blackeyed peas for New Year's Day.


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                79% (Dixie) Pink ?? neck


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                  100% Pure Redneck Dixie Boy here. Yall check out that test for yerselfs, it was cool.


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                    "57% (Dixie). Right on the Mason-Dixon Line"


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                      34% Yankee!


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                        34% definately a Yankee!!!LOL


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                          Finally!! Somebody posted real english. About time I found something I could understand.

                          BTW : What's that crap "The South Shall Rise Again?"???
                          It was never down, and the ''books''??, I've seen saying we lost?? the little fracus in the 1800's were written by "dang yankees"...


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                            52% (Dixie). Right on the Mason-Dixon Line

                            They nailed it. I was born in southern Missouri.


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                              39% Yankee!!!

                              Best of all, they even know what a bubbler is!