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    Since naturists like me often wear clothing only because others require it, and since I often can't imagine what I should be wearing to please them, I thought I would set up an official facility here for others to indicate what we should be wearing.

    Please share this URL with all your Facebook friends, family or any others wishing to impose their apparel choice on you.

    Instructions for Public Users

    Please clearly indicate:
    • - the reason why clothing is required*
    • - the specific type of clothing (e.g. jeans and t-shirt, business suit, formal)*
    • - the duration the clothing must be worn by time or activity (maximum 12 hours or one activity)*
    • - preferred colors (depending on availability)
    • - preferred accessories (depending on availability and legal restrictions)
    • - the name of the person who should comply*
    • - your name and contact information in case of questions*

    * indicates required information
    Note: The above information should be submitted here at least two hours in advance to provide adequate time to find and apply the clothing. Failure to submit a "Select My Attire" entry here in a timely manner indicates acceptance of whatever the other person decides to wear or not.