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  • Do you believe?

    Do you believe in GHOSTS?

    Absolutely belive in ghosts
    No way! Ghosts don't exst
    Not Sure, but seems like something
    Completely undecided

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    Because I know some? I don't think they'd lie about being dead.


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      I voted yes however, I don't call them 'ghosts' but terms such as; spirits, entities, energies, etc. Ghost is the picture created of a floating creature who walks through walls while moaning and groaning.


      Well, all part of my being an occultist, heathen, animist, spiritualist. There is so much to this and it has little do with the Hollywood Syndrome and where it does share similarities, there is far much more depth than we are shown but hey, Hollywood is about fantasy. Hollywood Syndrome is about people who must believe everything that Hollywood presents to them.

      *Hollywood being all entertainment media, not just Hollywood itself*


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        Heck yah I do! My mother still haunts me all the time!!!


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          DEFINITION - GHOST - the spirit of a dead person, sometimes represented as a pale, almost transparent image of that person, which some people believe appears to people who are alive:

          I voted NO because I think ghosts are a farcical figmentation of peoples minds. Then I looked up the definition. I do believe that some people believe they have seen the image of a dead person. So, does that mean ghosts are in fact real ?


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            I voted "not sure, but seems like something," since that seems to best fit what I think. Yes, some people are definitely seeing something, but what that something is, who knows. Are they the spirits of the dead, entities of some sort masquerading as spirits of the dead just for fun or to purposely mislead us (or for some other unfathomable reason), hallucinations, or a little of each? And, of course, there are people who hoax sightings for publicity too...


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              Sure, why not?


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                "I do believe in ghosts, I do, I do, I do believe in ghosts" The Cowardly Lion.....

                I voted yes because I have seen images/shadows at times here at the house. Believe it or not, I have actually seen objects move, but not to the extent of the movie "Poltergeist". So yes, I do believe they exist among us.


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                  Ever had someone say, "It's all in your head"?

                  Well, that's my take on it. We can conjure up the damnedest things with our minds. The menacing and hulking shape in the corner of the strange motel room at night becomes an unfamiliar floor lamp in the morning light. The footsteps in the attic that has old aunt Gertie so freaked out are nothing more than the house settling or shifting causing old lumber to knock.

                  On the other hand, given string theory, there could be other dimensions and beings sharing our time/space which we might somehow sense or glimpse. It really is a strange universe we inhabit. But, if by ghosts, you mean the spiritual remains of previous living humans, I don't even think so!



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                    I love this question. I have had three distinctive events in my life that I'll share which is why I answered YES. First was when I was a child, I'd guess around 6-7 years old. I was always an early riser as was my mom. My mom always wore long flowing night gowns and I saw the tail end of a flowing night gown move from the living room to the dining room. As I walked towards the dining room to say good morning to my mom, I heard a noise behind me. When I turned around, it was my mom coming down the stairs. Ironically, she said "You look like you've just seen a ghost". I went into the dining room and nobody was there. I told her what I saw and she said, in a rather clam manner, "maybe it was a ghost". I wasn't afraid at all. We still talk about that day. The second event was when I was in high school. A good friend died in a car accident and I was devistated. I was having a very difficult time dealing with her death. About 4 days after her death, I was sleeping and dreaming and she walked up to me in my dream, smiled and told me she was ok and walked away. While not a ghost, it was an unusual event. And finally my third story was when I was 19 and a member of a music organization, The Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps, in Toledo, OH. The Glassmen has just bought an old school house out in the country to use as a rehersal facility. Several people has commented on odd sounds and what-not but it was a very old building so we just laughed it off. The the events became more obvious like footsteps on stairs, doors open that were once closed and so on. We decided to name our new friend and came up with the name Sarah. The name had no meaning other than we thought it sounded "ghostly". About two years later we converted the school to a haunted house as a fund raiser and invited the old alumni to visit. We found out that there was a school nurse who died in her office in the school. Her name was Sarah. To this day, when those of us who experienced Sarah, greet her with a simple "hello Sarah, how are you today" when we enter the building.

                    Those are my stories. OOoooooo :0


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                      i voted not sure but seems like something. one incident i recall is when our daughter was in junior high. we we watching t.v. in her room and all of a sudden the power went out. i thought throughout the house but found out just in her room. i went downstairs to the fuse box and checked all the fuses which were all good. i even checked the tube fuses on each breaker and they were good. i then came back up to her room to tell her all looked fine. just then we heard the door to the fuse box shut and the power came back on in her room. we both looked at each other in awe. my wife was taking a bath at the time so we know it wasn't her. we do know the gnetleman of the family we bought the house from died in the house from natural causes. don't think he would mind me posting this! i hope!!


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                        Dreams and imagination can play amazing tricks on the mind.

                        Wind and air movement can open and shut doors.

                        Chance encounters should not be seen as proof of ghosts. How many Sarah s are there in the world ?



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                          Yes, I do believe in the afterlife. I also truely feel that I have experienced a couple of contacts. One of my contacts was in Washington D.C. and the other one was in Germany. Other than that, I can not say I have had actual contact, but do believe I have spotted a sprit walking / floating around in libraries and such. Ask and I will tell, but yes I do believe in the afterlife.


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                            After death, when the soul cannot find rest, the soul stays on earth and becomes a so called "ghost". We have one in the house, an older lady ghost, she takes care of the house, when we are not there, and I have to say, we never had had a problem in this house. She used to live in the house, now, sits at the window and looks outside.


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                              Casper the Friendly Ghost...

                              "I thought I saw him on the stair,
                              but when I looked, he wasn't there.." *

                              Having never see a ghost as yet, I have no reason to believe that they exist.
                              If I ever do see a ghost, in person, then I may become a believer..

                              * Those people who see shadows or images out of the corner of their eye, or just a glimpse of a figure drifting by - that actually fits the notion of a 'will-of-the-wisp' rather than a 'ghost'...

                              The number of people who actually believe in George W. Bush, John Howard (Australia), and John Harper(Canada), (or any other President or Prime Minister you may wish to lay claim to..) shows how many truly gullible people are out there in the world..

                              Various polls over the years showing how many people definitely believe in such things as ghosts, an afterlife, creationism, "intelligent design", reincarnation, guardian angels, praying to Saints or the Virgin Mary for 'intervention' or emergency help, lucky charms, 'systems' to win at gambling, (and anyone who thinks they can ever win on pokies ["slot machines"..]), and so-on-and-such-forth, only goes to show up how many superstitious people really are among us...
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