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Any Kiwis among us?

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  • Any Kiwis among us?

    I just watched the New Zealand All Blacks punk slap the hell out of the South African Springboks. What a match.

    But, you have got to see this: Just before the match began, the New Zealand team faced the South Africans and did a Maori war ritual. I am here to tell you, facing that would be damned unnerving.

    And, as it was going on and the TV was cutting away to close ups of the S.A. lads, you could see the wheels turning. Man, it was aright proper old hex.

    I'm wondering if we could teach it to the Cowboys and the Astros.

    I sure wouldn't want to face those laddies unarmed. I mean it, they put some serious mojo on the Springboks and won something like 17 to nil!

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    What you saw was a haka. There are two versions, the most used is Kamate, kamate . This is by now a universal form of greeting, when winning teams return home.

    When the Olympics are finished, there will be a mass Haka at the NZ airports.

    It originated from a Maori chief a long time ago, who cursed his enemies,

    The haka is performed before every international rugby match

    Wikipedia has a good overvieuw

    You Tube has a few clips as well
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