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  • A note from Cathy

    I'm not as articulate as most of you are here, so I'll try to pass on what happened me today as best as I can.

    I went food shopping today and parked my car at the far end of the parking lot. There was a shopping cart woman - home less (lady #1) in the parking spot where I parked.

    I asked her if there was any thing she needed - food, cash or whatever.
    She seemed surprised that someone would want to help her. She never did give me an answer so I told her if she was still out here when I returned I would have something for her.

    I do my my shopping as normal. I'm not rich by any terms. But at the same time I'm thinking to myself, I have a roof over my head and I have the $$$ to buy myself some food.

    When I returned to my car the lady was still there. I decided in the store that it might be best if I gave her some cash. ($5.00) not much I know. But she could do as she wanted with it.

    As I'm walking to my car and when I get there and see that she was still there, there was a lady (Cathy) about my age parked next to my car. She handed me a letter (to read - I think her plans were to leave it on my windshield, but I just came back from shopping ) and asked me to give the other lady some money that she handed to me. It was a $1.68.

    At this point I didn't know what was going on. I didn't read the note.

    So I was talking to Cathy for about 10 minutes and told her let me put my groceries in my car and we can go over to McDonalds and I'll buy.

    We talked for over an hour. She was an attractive lady with a very professional background.

    Long story short - when I go home I read the letter that she (Cathy) wrote me.
    Here it is.

    Hello Kind sir
    I just saw you approach a woman in need and was so touched by your kindness.
    I too am need, homeless from fleeing an abusive situation in which I chose to leave my 9yr old old son in a safe place.
    I found hard labor work which brought some $$$
    I can share $2 to help but need to eat myself.
    I'm treating myself to a McDonalds before I return to the church which is housing me for the week.
    I never thought people like you excisted after having my parents die in my arms.
    At least I have a car - no gas $$$, insurance, etc...
    But oh well.
    Thanks for making my day

    I'm still not sure if this gal was scamming me for a place to stay or some more money??? But after talking to her for about 2hrs I feel she was being honest.

    She sure misses her son though.

    I'm not sure why I'm sharing this. But "She made my day"

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    It does feel good to give to someone in need, but you do have to look out for the scams. I do not give out money to anyone I see on the streets because it maybe a scam or they just need a fix. If they are asking for money for something to eat, and there is a restraunt nearby I will offer to buy them something to eat and see how they react. If they refuse the offer they get nothing from me because I assume it is a scam or they just want the money for drugs.

    I am not opposed to giving some cash to someone who is honest and tells me they want a drink or something, but then I make them work for it by washing my car windows or something.


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      There used to be a guy in Atlanta who panhandled at the rush hour crowd with a sign saying "why lie I need beer."


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        We used to have societal safety nets. Reaganomics destroyed them and we lost our collective soul--people have become so involved with themselves that they have lost a connection to others. Your Cathy is legion and can be found in virtually every hamlet, township, city and Metorpolitan area of the nation. Yes, some are mentally ill, on drugs, abuse alcohol or of marginal ability--but, that does not mean that they should become refuse on the streets.

        Now the Republicans and conservatives want to hand Medicare over to the HMOs, Drug Companies and Insurance Oligarchs, and put Social Security in the hands of Wall street money managers.

        Guess what, this thing will get much worse before it gets any better, if it even does get better.


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          Originally posted by usmc1 View Post
          Now the Republicans and conservatives want to hand Medicare over to the HMOs, Drug Companies and Insurance Oligarchs, and put Social Security in the hands of Wall street money managers.
          Yes and we all found out what happens when Wall Street as the power.