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    Hey guys!! This is my second post, finally. Anyone else here have a Jeep and take it offroad? I have a Wrangler with a 2in lift. Its so fun to get all muddy.

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    Hey guys!! This is my second post, finally. Anyone else here have a Jeep and take it offroad? I have a Wrangler with a 2in lift. Its so fun to get all muddy.


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      I also have a Jeep Wrangler I have a 2/1/2 lift with 33 in tires love to go offroad .


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        No jeep, have Chev Blazer w/4" lift and 35" tires and am putting in another engine soon. I am thiking of downsizing due to the fuel expense so I can use it more often.


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          I have a 6 clyinder and not to bad on gas.


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   putting in another engine soon.
            WOW, could be mighty hard to hold down a Blazer with two engines...


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              My wife has a jeep, and my son has one, I have a dodge 1500 4x4


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                I had once, no, even more than one.
                My first jeep was Russian military jeep Luaz - very short, very high, independent hang-on with unbelievable go-through force. At least in the winter 1,5 meter thick snow was just for a joy to swim through with it, but this car has VERY uncomfortable and weak air cooled engine. Never except a Trabant I see a worser engine - from Fiat 966 (1940 model)

                Next was Lada-Niva. About go-through force it was just little bit stronger as ordinary two-whealer but gasoline eat up to 15 liters per 100 km, so soon I sold it, soon after realizing all western jeeps are FAR weaker as Niva. Surplus it has practically no a place for luggage what is so important for vehicle.

                Then I experimented with Russian made (stolen plans of Willis) namely UAZ4609. That was quite practical and strong military car except the 20 liters appetite and unability to drive more than a 70 km per hour. So, soon I sold it too.

                At my work our boss had an idea we all inspectors must use only jeeps (to not blame our uniforms), so I had an abundant experience with Cherokee, Grand cherokee, Suzuku Vitara, Land-Cruiser etc. Nope, all them was little bit more comfortable as those russian yet anyhow unhandy for big kilometrages, and to my great surprize, 4-wheel regime was just a semi-decoration, as my first 30 horse power jeep was absolute winner over Land Cruiser with it`s hundreds of hp and extras everywhere. At least for goung into REAL bushes with meter thich mud, thich bushes with stumps and stone-filled river-shallows it was absolutely forceless as small kid fallen out of bed.

                So, at last I tried to VW-Transporter T-2 and it`s comfort version Caravella (new T4 are garbage to differ with it, however T4 have a much better engine, to compensate the total loss of go-throough capability for crapped buyers. It exists in both 2WD and 4WD versions. Never feel tired even after 24 hour nonstop driving. Absolute maneuvrability, my record is to get a full turn back of this 6 meter long bus on 3 meter narrow road. Even 2 wheeler is more stable on mud and snow as Grand Cherokee with it`s all 4WD. But 4 WD version is superior wonder - only old illness back, if 2WD eats 9 liters, 4WD eats 15. So I ended at last to 2-whealer as the go-through capability stands for quite ill mud, moorland, stones, sand etc at least if thick of bad snake-holes on road is not deeper as near to 3/4 meter, and most cases its enough at far-beat travels.

                Couple of weeks ago my son and his boss traveled to west sea for the job. When their court ended (he works be a lawyer) them had a choice to spend a bit time to look for storm coming on seaport stone-mall.. They drove a bit on this construction, enjoyed and somehow foolishly decided bit drive a seacoast (administrative penalizable violation of law). Yet them didnt knew about there are many places with sinking sand.

                So not far by seaside their Grand Cherokee sinked until all floor at sand and no any help of use of 4WD. As the night came on and storm came nearer and nearer to wash them out, boss called 112 to ask a help. But 112 said "thats your own fault and we shall not to risk with our car". After some hours of fruitless looking for residents having a tractor, water came until leather of seats to half an engine so seamt each moment car would be washed in open sea.

                They called a 112 again but that operator said - "if You are so commanding, we shall never give a help to you yet as You had violated the law we shall teach you hard giving a police equipage to penalize. Yes, the officers came quick - but by feet. And penalize - 10 USD penalty, just a coins.

                Son asked them for the last hope to pay even 500 bucks just to save the car, but them was absolutely unnegotiable - risk to car too big and that may be explained differenly including a bribe. At last policemen gave him a knowledge where to find a local inhabitant, having some horses - so for "just" 300 USD willing to pull that car out with three horses force.

                It took a time from 4 at evening to 2 at midnight but car inspite all salted sandwater filled and demolized by vawes was on the road and capable to go those 300 km home back. What aa adventure.... And hard lesson to prove that only REAL off-road vehicle is agro-tractor and nothing between jeeps.

                Sorry guys, my aim was not to diminish a nice varnish of your metal-pets. Just practical experience says - its not very practical thingy a jeep.