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Blunt has ties to Abramoff.

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  • Blunt has ties to Abramoff.

    Now isn't this a real kick.

    Now that DeLay has determined he will not be leader again his heir (at least in his 'heir's' eyes) Blunt has similar ties to Jack Abramoff as well.

    When will they get it through their heads, America does not want their kind of 'government', we want what is supposed to be OUR government?

    Read the article here: Blunt has ties to Abramoff

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    Not only does Blunt have ties to Abramoff so too, do the other two leading contenders for that good old boy Tom delay's leadership role.

    Heck even Shadegg(sp.?) has been quoted as saying "his taint is of a lesser degree of taint than that of the others".
    T'aint so, Taint is Taint buddy. It all reeks.

    You know it really IS tragic that the most honest and insightful news reporting is on ComedyCentral on the The DailyShow with Jon Stewart.


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      Here's the take from America's Best Journalist, Jon Stewart:

      The Corruption of New Republican House Leaders
      Video-WMP Video-QT