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    Has anyone else got the feeling we've seen and heard it before when hearing the shrub on his current stump ranting about Iran?

    Didn't he say the same things about Iraq just three months before the first of our servicemen died fighting in Iraq?

    Come to think of it ... Didn't he say the same things about Afghanistan three months before the first of our servicemen died fighting in Afghanistan?

    Hummmmn ... Does anyone else see a pattern here?

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    Hummmmn ... Does anyone else see a pattern here?

    As Stone Cold Steve Austin would say "HELL YEAH"! Seen something on the news about 12 billion dollars unaccounted for in the war in Iraq, thats a hell of a lot of cash to lose. I guess it got spread around if you know what I mean. Thus the old saying--"rich man's war, poor man's fight".


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      Yes, just about EVERYONE who is paying attention has noticed.

      But this time not everyone is following the script, like Joint Chiefs Chairman General Peter Pace, and brand new CENTCOM Commander Admiral William Fallon.

      Looks like the military isn't going to let the neocons gag them this time.



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        Hopefully the "fool me once, fool me twice" routine will kick in. Or is that thrice?


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          Let me suggest this. Bush does not care what the people, or the Generals, or Congress think. He is listening only to the voices in his head and the things whispered in his ear by Cheney. So do not look for a rational, logical or sane scenario developing. Insane people can only maintain the facade of sanity so long before the veneer cracks and peels away.

          I hope I am wrong, but all signs indicate the situation in this country is as dire as it has been for many, many years.

          If you really followed what happened over the past few months you would have seen this chain of events.

          1. Retired Generals spoke up, and spoke out on the fiasco in Iraq and some of the misrepresentations which were coming forth from this administration.

          Understand this, if you understand nothing else. Those "retired" generals were speaking on behalf of the majority of the active service generals. They were the voice of those who dare not speak aloud publically.

          2. Rumsfeld resigned. I know Bush very well. Rumsfeld was unable to keep the genrals bottled up and was booted.

          3. A significant number of general have been replaced and reassigned with hand-chosen administration water-carriers who are expected to follow the partyline.

          Now, leave it to the Marines! Joint Chief, General Pace, publically repudiated the President on Iranian weapons and asssitance flow. He would not have done that without accessing the stance of other key active service and retired generals.

          If the right people in the Senate and Congress are reading this correctly and understand that the generals are in near revolt, perhaps they will find their backbone and force a backdown.

          But, Bush, while being a sociopath, is not stupid, and we have to believe that there are a significant number of right-wing, religious fundamentalist generals in his corner. Bush is confident of a power base of some sort, and it is not public opinion or congress. Either that, or he has slipped into barking-at-the- moon, full-blown madness.

          Were I writing the novel, I would say the plot is pointing to a full scale crises in the military which could lead to either confrontation and challenge to Presidential authority by the generals feeding Congress and the Senate facts sufficient to hold significant public investigations which would stymie the president's self-propelled rush to exapnding the Middle East War, or mass resignations of top military figures which should be sufficient to finally impel into action a lethargic, dumbed-down public, and compliant right-wing media.

          We'll see.


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            The generals have been in full scale revolt ever since they were ordered to prepare a nuclear strike "option" for the Iran invasion.