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Mary Cheney Speaks OUT.

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  • Mary Cheney Speaks OUT.

    Or at least if you could see the video she would.
    Of the hundreds of videoclips on ABCNews's website the clip of the Dicksters's daughter speaking out on Primetime about politics, her sexuality, the shrub and more will not load.

    What did she say that so embarassed the administration they have squelched the vidclip?
    We know she ain't like dear ol'dad in her politics, that she prefers females to males, the shrub ain't on her xmas card list, so what was it?

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    Well, you can watch her on CNN:


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      Thanks for the link hm0504.

      She really didn't say anything, did she.

      Wonder why ABC has it blocked?


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        I read an article about her book the other day. Sadly my impression is she's just another conservative. I agree, she didn't have much to say.


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          Speaking as a Gay man let me just say this:

          A useless hypocrit; A 'Professional Gay' (liason to Gay Community for Coors) who none-the-less played a role in that disgraceful attempt to make Kerry seem like a bad person for mentioning her sexuality. Repugnant, Vile, and a Satisfied cog in The RNC's Smear The *****s / Scare The Squares Campaign.


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            I just saw the 2 minute ABC video clip. Personally, I felt Mary Cheney came across well and though I disagree with her support for Bush, I felt she was fairly straight-forward where she could be.

            Much of the clip talks about her positions on gay rights (which she strongly supports, of course) and her disappointment about the views of the Republican Party on that topic.


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              A kinder (than me) Andrew Sullivan posts this comment:

              I'm sorry, but this is pathetic:

              KING: On domestics -- what's the rule -- what's the law in Virginia?

              CHENEY: Actually I'm not sure what the law is in Virginia. I should know that.

              KING: Does your partner have -- if you're in the hospital, god forbid, does your partner have rights?

              CHENEY: My partner and I have living wills, regular wills, powers of attorney, everything that quite honestly any couple married or not should have.

              I have no personal issues with Mary Cheney. But, really. She lives in a state which has gone through a wrenching debate these past few years over the rights of gay couples, and has passed the most draconian law imaginable designed to curtail and destroy all the legal documents she says she has. And she is utterly unaware of this debate, let alone attempting to do something about it. Sad.


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                Originally posted by Conor B:Smear The *****s / Scare The Squares Campaign.

                You know.... the over sensitive editing here really f's w/ my rhyme scheme

                And I'm gay so the 'Q word' is OK for me to use. Special permission from The Estate of Judy Garland


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                  "Straight" Forward as a switchback mountain road, right.

                  She is as clueless as her father, but as the blind-eye turning daughter she props'em up, although the cracks in the veneer are beginning to show.

                  And her support for the shrub is tepid at best.

                  Yep, a hypocrit, her picture is beside the word in the dictionary where the definition should be, ergo, she is the definition.


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                    fairly straight-forward where she could be

                    Now nacktman, my words were "fairly straight-forward where she could be".

                    I think we have to recognize that close relatives of major politicians may legitimately and understandably restrain themselves.


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                      I understood your words there hm0504, just felt she was a bit too straight forward ... kind of rehearsed like ... naw, she wouldn't be, would she?!

                      Just like Patti and Ronnie Jr. restrained themselves, right!


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                        I watched the whole interview wit Diane Sawyer. I dunno how she can live with herself...granted she's in a tough decision, back Dad or do what she's knows is right...oh but isn't it right to stick by your family? Yeah, it's a toughey for sure but I think as soon as his career is over, I think she will become a convert. Also consider if she supports him, the family supports her. She really does have to make sacrifices. I think it's a bit harsh for the outspoken gay folks to call her names, hypocrite and worse. I just feel sorry for her. I don't think she believes any of that right wing stuff she says, she's just supporting her Dad and the party.

                        Now about Kerry and Edwards mentioning her sexuality...why did she and the others get so pissed about that? They weren't smearing her, they were simply questioning how Cheney could support the republicans on that issue considering his closeness to a lesbian. And it's a good question. I realize you shouldn't take shots at family members during debates but I think calling that a "shot" is a stretch.

                        Anyone care to explain this to me?


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                          Generally, I think it is inappropriate for opponent politicians to discuss the relatives of a politician if that reference might in any way be considered problematic.


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                            Generally, I think it is inappropriate for opponent politicians to discuss the relatives of a politician if that reference might in any way be considered problematic.

                            Generally yes, but just a few weeks prior to the debates Vice President Cheney himself had brought up the subject in public as a way of showing that he was not anti-gay even though his administration advocates anti-gay policies - which makes it OK by Cheney logic. Kerry wasn't even calling him out on his hipocracy - although he should have.



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                              Originally posted by hm0504:
                              Generally, I think it is inappropriate for opponent politicians to discuss the relatives of a politician if that reference might in any way be considered problematic.

                              She was employed by Coors to be the Gay Liason to The Gay Community. Her Sexuality was, as I said above, professional as well as personal. She was later, of course, a high ranking member of Dad's Campaign.