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European car parts --Help????

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  • European car parts --Help????

    I'm trying to help a friend find a headlight for a 1991 Mercedes E-Series. It is a European version not American, so apparently there is some sort of significant difference. He just needs the headlight, not the whole front end assembly.

    Anyone with ideas or thoughts that would assist in the search.

    Please --- thank you.

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    Have you tried ebay?

    Thats the UK version of ebay. I use it from time to time when I am looking for stuff I know I can't find in the US.

    Other than that I don't know where to look. Good luck on your search.



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      Search results for U.S. Ebay:


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        I'm in England and I can try to find something out for you. I'll try checking a local auto parts store. Now when you say "European" version, you still mean the left hand drive (mainland Europe) or right hand drive (British spec)? I'll see what I can find out and let you know. I may also be able to check a junk yard since I have to go look for a couple of small things (visor clips) for my British spec car before I sell it.


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          USMC, besides E-Bay, you also might want to have your friend check out Hemming's Motor News. There are several parts suppiers in the Mercedes sections. Most seem to carry US and Euro-spec parts. For example Adsit Company out of Muncie, IN ( Hemmings also has a parts loactor service for subscribers.
          Also, Daimler-Benz USA operates a full factory restoration service out of Irvine, CA. (Sorry, couldn't find the article with the contact info.)

          Hope this helps.


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            Found it! In the Sept. Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car
            Mercedes-Benz Classic Center
            9 Whatney
            Irvine, CA 92618
            866-MB-CLASSIC (949-598-4850)

            Sorry about taking so long.


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              Thanks to all of you for the guidance and help. I'll meet up with him this weekend and pass it along to him.

              But, it is very much appreciated.