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July's Daily Celebrations

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  • July's Daily Celebrations

    Here are some of the holidays and celebrations for the month of July.

    Week One

    01 ... A salute to our fellows north of the border. It's CANADA DAY today.
    02 ... Speak up it's Freedom from fear of speaking Day.
    03 ... It's Stay out of the sun Day today.
    04 ... It's INDEPENDENCE DAY today.
    05 ... It's Be nice to New Jersey Day today. (Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen!)
    06 ... Today is Take your Webmaster to lunch Day. The Earth is at Aphelion today.
    07 ... Bring out the pots and pans today is National Personal Chef's Day.

    Week Two

    08 ... Oh No! It's SCUD (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama) Day today.
    09 ... Cover your ears! Today is International Town Criers Day.
    10 ... WARNING! Today is Don't step on a Bee Day.
    11 ... It's World Population Day today.
    12 ... Break out the mustard and chili for today is Hot Dog Day.
    13 ... Better be careful and not to ' DIS ' any workers today on Gruntled Workers Day.
    14 ... Be aware today is Shark Awareness Day ... that sandpaper feeling on your leg ain't sand you know.

    Week Three

    15 ... Oh, go ahead and do it; you know you want to, today is Be a Dork Day.
    16 ... Ok, ladies all has to be forgiven today because today is National Get out of the Doghouse Day.
    17 ... Today scores a Touchdown as it is Sports Cliche Day.
    18 ... It's white, it's fluffy and it nibbles constantly, it's Rabbit Day today.
    19 ... It's only this quarter of the year's Get to know your Customers Day today.
    20 ... If you're a sucker for suckers today is your day. It's National Lollipop Day.
    21 ... Gather up your Band of Merry Men and hoot and holler for today is Robin Hood Day.

    Week Four

    22 ... Vermin Problem? Not to worry today is Rat Catcher's Day.
    23 ... How DO you do! Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day!
    24 ... Might we suggest Health, Happiness with Hypnosis Day?
    25 ... Feeling a bit off, out of touch, surreal today? Don't worry it's only Day Out of Time Day today.
    26 ... Love a tree today for it's Roots and Branches Day.
    27 ... No worries about Vampires today its Garlic Day!
    28 ... If you happen to be Hindu today is very special to you, it's Cow Appreciation Day.

    Week Five

    29 ... This is the day for all the drooling guys ( and gals ), because it's National Bikini Day.
    30 ... Nobody strike any matches today because it's National Baked Beans Day today.
    31 ... Get out and enjoy the land we live on for it's National Parks and Recreation Day today.

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    Thanks for the great list today.

    Happy to know about the lollipop day and hot dog day


    • #3
      Good List, but from where in the world would one come up with the info to compose such list???


      • #4
        You think it is a conspiracy among Hallmark, American Greetings, and Carlton Cards company who came up with these?


        • #5
          Not so sure about the conspiracy thing MoonShadow.
          Could be though, I'm sure they are not hurt by all the celebrations.

          Bama, as far as where to find out about these celebrations, well, they're all over the web, but will PM you the main source I use as they do the bulk of the 'surfing' to compile them.


          • #6
            think that covers just about everything. oh yeah, my wife in no way wants me to celebrate #30. lol


            • #7
              So what do nudists do on July 3rd (Stay out of the sun day)?