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Anna Nicole Smith passed away

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  • Anna Nicole Smith passed away

    I don't have any link on the issue, but have you heard that Anna Nicole Smith has passed away? Don't know a lot about it, but apparently it was quite sudden.

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    I don't have any link on the issue, but have you heard that Anna Nicole Smith has passed away? Don't know a lot about it, but apparently it was quite sudden.


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      What a sad ending to her ongoing saga.

      She and I were born the same day/year. Strange to think about it all being over at this age.

      All the money and fame, doesn't help now, does it?


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        Anna Nicole Smith committed suicide (theory)


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          I heard about it on the radio and the DJ said she was found unresponsive in her hotel room and taken to the hospital where they failed to revive her (not for lack of trying I'm sure).
          At the time that was all he could say and I haven't been listening to the radio since about 4:30 this afternoon.


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            Sure sounds like an overdose...She wanted to be just like Marilyn Monroe....

            MSN news story


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              Didn't her son die from an overdose just recently - and wasn't she in some way about to be implicated? Very disturbed lady. Who will get custody of the baby (guess the old man's millions now go with the baby)?


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                That poor woman was practically a laughing stock by Hollywood and was another casualty of the Playboy-famous-for-being-famous persona. She is this generation's Jayne Mansfield.

                I hope she can now rest in peace with her son.


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                  Marines and Soldiers are being wasted everyday in Iraq and the Iraqui people are being massacared daily But our tears are for a woman
                  who was nothing more than a wanna be who never was Anna Nicole deserves the respect that any
                  person should command simply because she was on this mortal coil, but that's it and no more.
                  May God Bless America and the Rest of the World


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                    Marines and Soldiers are being wasted everyday in Iraq and the Iraqui people are being massacared daily But our tears are for a woman
                    who was nothing more than a wanna be

                    Yeah, but we aren't supposed to notice all of our young men and women dying and being wounded over there. That's why we can't see the caskets being brought home, why the two top guys never attend a funeral or visit a military or veterans hospital. Thank God the media has a story to distract us from the victims of a war we aren't supposed to notice.



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                      Though I feel sorry for this tragedy, I am in no way surprised by the outcome. Not to sound harsh, but she was known to use drugs throughtout her life, so it was only a matter of time.

                      Her life was a Hollywood tabloid, to say the least. Her entire life was filled with turmoil and controversies as well. It could be that the lastest lawsuits could have taken their final tolls.

                      She is not the first celebrity to die of an overdose (supposedly), nor will she be the last. Tragic as it may be, celebrity status just raises the bar, as far as making the awareness of the addictions that surround us.


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                        May she finally find the peace that eluded her throughout her tragically shortened life.



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                          THESE TWO WOMEN DIED on the same day

                          Guess which one's death made headlines? Guess which one's death should have?


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                            Neither should have ercNY.

                            One should have been left to live without the glare of the camera which in the end killed her.

                            One should have been left to live without the threat to life and limb in armed conflict which in the end killed her.

                            One joins the ever expanding list of Celebrity's Dans Macabe put on to fuel the morbid in humanity.

                            One joins the ever expanding list of Inhumanity's Necro-Fete put on to fuel the insane in humanity.


                            Both should have ercNY.

                            One was known for being known and did have those who cared for her.

                            One was not known and will not be known, and did have those who cared for her.

                            One causes ponderings as to a life wasted.

                            One causes ponderings as to a life wasted.


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                              The details of 20-year old Corporal Parcell's life and death. As tragic and wasteful as Ms. Smtih's death is, it remains a very sad commentary on where we find ourselves as a nation when her death generatees more media attention and public awareness than did young Jennifer's.

                              We are what we are, because we allow ourselves to be that.

                              Young Woman Meets Tragic End: No, It's Not Anna Nicole

                              By Greg Mitchell

                              Published: February 09, 2007 12:30 PM ET

                              NEW YORK A young woman met a sudden and tragic end, it was reported on Thursday, leaving her family and people who knew her in great distress.

                              No, it's not Anna Nicole Smith. Her name is Jennifer Parcell, and she died in Iraq. But you'd be lucky if you could find any mention of her, amidst the front page and wall-to-wall media coverage of the likely drug-related death of "starlet" Smith.

                              In fact, as of noon today, there were only seven press mentions, all in the area of her native Maryland, according to a Google search.

                              In contrast to, say, Anna Nicole Smith, Parcell seemed to have a serious side. Even in Iraq, she was managing to take a course at the University of Maryland, the Baltimore Sun relates, adding: "Helping others was routine for the Marine corporal. She sponsored an African child through a mission charity. And when Pakistan was devastated by an earthquake last year, she and others in her unit were dispatched to the scene. She earned the Humanitarian Service Medal for her efforts."

                              In fact, the Sun, in a separate story noted: "With the death of reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith yesterday, a ferocious barrage of Marilyn Monroe-like images and scattershot speculation was instantly loosed across the on-air and online landscape of 24-hour news...The one constant: The story was consistently framed in a breathless tabloid manner."

                              The cause of Parcells' death has not yet been released. The Pentagon notice simply says that she died "supporting" combat operations in Anbar province, not actually in combat.

                              Will Bunch, reporter and blogger (at Attytood) for the Philadelphia Daily News, pointed out the inbalance in coverage earlier today, calling on the press to give us "a name and a face to go with that number, 3,115," referring to the number of American deaths in Iraq.

                              It would be nice, he suggests, if just one a cable news channel, instead of dwelling on Anna Nicole, would bring on a medical expert "to talk about the type of combat injuries that America's fighting men and women are suffering in Iraq, and whether the troops have adequate protection." Or maybe find a friend or colleague in the field who could tell us about Parcell's life, "and our loss."

                              Here is the Associated Press story carried in a few places today.

                              A 2004 graduate of Fallston High School who followed her older brother to the Marines was killed during fighting in Iraq, the Department of Defense said Thursday.

                              Cpl. Jennifer Parcell, 20, of Bel Air, Md. died Wednesday "while supporting combat operations in Al Anbar province," a Department of Defense news release said.

                              "If you knew her, you loved her. She was a go-getter. She knew what she wanted in life and she was doing what she had to do to achieve that," Parcell's aunt Martha Benton of Aberdeen said.

                              Parcell joined the Marine Corps in January 2005. Benton said she'd wanted to enlist since attending her brother Joseph's graduation at Parris Island. The 24-year-old enlisted in February 2003 and he is returning from his tour to be with family.

                              The brother and sister were stationed together in Iraq for about a month before their tours of duty separated them, Benton said.

                              Math was her forte at Fallston High School in 2004, Benton said. She said Parcell always enjoyed the water, including boating and scuba diving. She also liked yoga and music and spending time with family and friends.

                              Parcell was assigned to Combat Logistics Regiment 3, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Okinawa, Japan. She had earned six medals and Benton said Marine Corps officials told the family Parcell may be eligible for a Purple Heart.

                              "We're just going to miss her very, very much," Benton said. "She was always someone you could count on."

                              The family was notified of her death Wednesday afternoon.

                              Also Thursday, the family of a 21-year-old Navy paramedic from the Eastern Shore said he was killed when a Marine helicopter crashed in Iraq Wednesday.

                              Manuel Ruiz, of Federalsburg, was two weeks into his second tour of duty when the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter he was riding in crashed, killing six other persons onboard.