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February's Daze

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  • February's Daze

    Here are some of the more quirky and mundane of the celebrations we humans have for the days in the month of February.

    01 Bubble Gum Day
    02 Imbolc
    03 Publicity For Profit Day
    04 Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
    05 Intimate Apparel Day
    06 Just Say "NO" To Powerpoints Presentations Day
    07 Wave ALL Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day (as opposed to only ONE as usual)
    08 Laugh And Get Rich Day
    09 Love Makes The World Go 'Round, But, Laughter keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Day
    10 Plimsoll Day
    11 White Shirt Day (But only if you have one)
    12 Lost Penny Day
    13 Get A Different Name Day
    14 Ferris Wheel Day
    15 National Gum Drop Day
    16 International Flirting Day
    17 My Way Day (There's always the Highway, Buddy)
    18 Chinese New Year
    19 Spunky Old Broads Day
    20 Mardi gras (And yes it is proper to spell 'gras' with the lower case 'g')
    21 Single Tasking Day (For those who celebrated the day before)
    22 National Chili Day (Followed by National Flatulence Night )
    23 Curling Is Cool Day
    24 Open That Bottle Night (As if last Tuesday wasn't enough)
    25 Subtle Sarcasm Day
    26 For Pete's Sake Day
    27 International Pancake Day
    28 National Tooth Fairy Day

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    February 2 - Groundhog Day
    February 12 - Lincoln's Birthday
    February 14 - Valentine's Day
    February 19 - President's Birthday
    February 21 - Ash Wednesday
    February 22 - Washington's Birthday

    Just some additions.



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      29 Leap Year Day (but not this year)


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        Most importantly its Black History month.


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          Happy Groundhog Day to all!

          Sausage is the appropriate food to celebrate with.


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            You forgot the most important one.
            My Anniversary. the 11th.