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President for life, after mass murder...

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  • President for life, after mass murder...

    This is from a Family Security Matters deleted web page.

    If President Bush copied Julius Caesar by ordering his army to empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans, he would achieve immediate results: popularity with his military; enrichment of America by converting an Arabian Iraq into an American Iraq (therefore turning it from a liability to an asset); and boost American prestiege while terrifying American enemies.

    He could then follow Caesar's example and use his newfound popularity with the military to wield military power to become the first permanent president of America, and end the civil chaos caused by the continually squabbling Congress and the out-of-control Supreme Court.


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    I really hope that whole thing was written as a parody as that's possibly the WORST idea for how to solve the Iraq problem. First Iraq has over 19 million Arabs in it. If you are wondering how Arabs respond to being forced off land that they consider their land, see the Palestinians. Secondly it would still leave 7 million Kurds (Kurds are not Arabs) who might not like millions of Americans coming in and taking land, even if it was the Arabs' land.


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      You I had the right graphic for this thread, didn't you?!


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        Originally posted by nacktman:
        You I had the right graphic for this thread, didn't you?!
        I had faith...



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          The answer my friends is written in the CONSTITUTION! Impeach him!

          Yes. I know. There is no great appetite for that. Time is short. It would render us even further divided. But, here's the problem(s), and please excuse my paranoia, but on my behalf I must remind you, I live in the United States and here paranoia has become sign of wisdom and mental wellness and indicator of a firm grasp on reality!

          1. Without impeachment, we have no real guarantee that elections will take place. These birds have already suspended many of our guaranteed rights without meaningful response from the press, congress, or the people.

          2. Without impeachment, all that this administration of sociopaths, river trolls, death-eaters, dementors, deep-forest hobgoblins, and bat-eared gremlins have wrought will be in place for the next administration's use against us.

          3. Once initiated, the impeachment process does not really take that long. All it would take is for enough people to demand that it happen.

          4. Without impeachment all that we love about this unique country of ours; progressive, populist, liberal and conservative will be gone. Forever!


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            the far, far, far, far-out right of the the fundamentalist pseudo-Christian neo-nazis over there...

            and the rise of the Fourth (or is that 'Fifth', by now ?) Reich..


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              Wow. I really thought the article was parody when I read it. Then I went to the website to look around. Nope. - I think the author just stated a little too plainly where the site's political leanings lead, therefore the article was pulled. Either that or he was an agent provocateur who wanted to see how far they would let it run - apparently far enough that they rated it a 'Must Read' before pulling it.

              Why is it that the most abhorrent of right wing groups always put 'Family' in their name?


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                I find no value in reading such material that I find to be total garbage.

                To wipe out the population of a nation is Genocide and that is something we as Citizens of the USA do not support. Also the vast majority of us are of such religious beleif that it is also wrong, very wrong.

                There has to be a better way than that. Is possible we are doing it correctly and maybe not but at least we are trying where no other nation will.


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                  Those neo-nazis don't really have a country to call their own - they can be found practically everywhere : Australia and NZ, Germany, Denmark, the UK and Ireland, Russia and the Ukraine, Israel and the Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia - nowhere's really safe, is it ?
                  And,when what we're witnessing is simply a frightened and irrational group of brainless, spineless and unthinking imbeciles spouting a load of self-indulgent crap to the converted..
                  Fortunately they are still a very small minority in most parts of the world.
                  [Though - let's not forget that Timothy McVeigh launched the single biggest successful terrorist attack on US soil, during peace-time, prior to 9/11..].


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                    Rachel Marsden, Canada's answer to Ann Coulter, says if the Iraqis aren't going to start thanking the U.S., its time for flatten them:

                    Isn't there a middle ground between arming Islamists and nuking them???


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                      Isn't there a middle ground between arming Islamists and nuking them???
                      You namby pamby liberals with your simple minded even handedness ...

                      Why settle for some 'middle ground' when you can both arm the Islamists AND nuke them! My God man, where is the PROFIT in the middle ground?


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                        Pity Rachel looks like she hasn't washed her hair, nor had a decent meal, in the month before her photo was taken - maybe that's why she's so mentally deranged, and so angry at the world at large - anorexic and/or bulimic, as well ?

                        p.s. have a look at 'Sunshine Girls' eyes in that same paper - maybe they're all a bit loopy in that part of town?


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                          Family Security Matters, the site that published Philip Atkinson's article and labeled it a "Must Read" has been busy scrubbing its site of the more heinous articles it has published (and I use the word 'published' because these articles are not mere postings like we are making on this board, they are papers presented by directors, editors, fellows and board members of the group and its parent organization the Center for Security Policy - a neocon think tank)

                          When Atkinson's article gathered negative attention the site moved quickly to scrub it from archives, and it also removed his other articles, and even removed his name from its list of contributing editors. Unfortunately not everything erased from the internet disappears entirely. Another humdinger of an article by Atkinson was available on the site from May until the August scrubbing; How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion is an anti-immigrant screed that also recommends slavery and genocide - seriously.
                            Mexico now colonizing the USA

                            Mexico is now colonizing America and imposing its language and culture on it. Though the Americans still have the strength of understanding to recognize that the Hispanic invasion should be stopped, they are unable to take the measures required to achieve this end. The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans. But the citizens of the USA recoil from such ruthless violence embracing delusion instead. They pretend that their futile defense is not folly, ignore the slow but inevitable takeover of their country and persecute anyone who tries to dispel their illusions. America has lost its ability to defend itself and must eventually be overrun by people from other cultures.[/list]

                            A copy of the entire article, plus extensive analysis is available on the blog Dirt Rhodes Scholar

                            Atkinson also wrote another article back in May, now scrubbed, which was praised by FSM as "Powerful"; America's Choice argues that America should behave like Ancient Rome to preserve our Empire - by being more ruthless than our enemies. He actually advocates nuclear genocide against anyone who would threaten or compete with America.
                            • Hence a civilization can exist only as long as it dominates by violence all other communities, and the moment a dominant community recoils from violence, its rule is challenged. That is, it becomes attacked by all the other communities, in one way or another, as they attempt to assert their beliefs upon the faltering civilization.

                            • Americans can now easily crush their enemies, but every hour the USA does not use its present superiority in nuclear weapons to dominate other communities, is another hour given to its enemies to develop and use their nuclear weapons to eradicate the American community.

                              Americans have a choice: use nuclear weapons on their enemies or have their enemies use them on Americans; ruthlessly uphold 'Pax America' or blindly follow 'Pax Romana' into oblivion.[/list]

                              So who is the Center for Security Policy? Click the items under the heading "Inside the Center" on their webpage to see all of the neo-con luminaries associated with the center (minus Philip Atkinson, who's name has been scrubbed).


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                            Why does the sound of thousands of scurrying feet come to mind when I read these things?

                            If I turn on the light will it be co(kroches or rats I see ducking for cover?