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  • Kevin Trudeau "Natural Cures"

    I'm just wondering how many of you guys have read any of kevin Trudeau's books?

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    I'm just wondering how many of you guys have read any of kevin Trudeau's books?


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      Have you ever tried doing this Google search?
      "Kevin Trudeau" scam


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        While, I have not read the entire book, I have read excerpts ... and in what I have read, I have read about treatments, lifestyles, methodologies and "cures" that have been used for millenia but not one instance of fraud.

        The American Medical Association calling it fraud is nothing new, the Pharmaceutical Industry naming it fraud is nothing new, the "Government" calling it fraud is nothing new, they all have a vested interest in maintaining their respective monopolistic status in the field of human healthcare and any "alternative" offered is a threat to that monoply.

        One must remember that the three entities cited above denied and nay-sayed the veracity the old adage that every mom in the world knew to be true ... that Chicken Soup eleviated (read "cured") a person's symtoms suffering from the common Cold, until the last few years when an series of scientific studies proved that all those moms throughout history were right!

        Just because the "cures" in Tredeau's tome are not all from Modern Medical Science does not mean they are not correct - dosen't mean that they are either, but to dismiss them entirely as a scam is folly on the highest order and that is just what the above mentioned entities have done and are doing -- and at one time in history Modern Medical Science held that maladies and illnesses were caused by "vapors" and the cure was to "cut and bleed" a person until the "bad humours" bled out, now that was a bunch of hooey, and don't even begin to get me started on the drug industry and history, and governmental noses usually can not smell their own funky armpit odors much less anything else ...


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          Originally posted by D-TX:
          Have you ever tried doing this Google search?
          "Kevin Trudeau" scam

          That is ********, the govt, the FDA/FTC th ginat Pharma are trying to debunck him, attack him, he's under constently under attack.


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            Well, I've been unimpressed by him since the mid-90's when I saw his infomercials as a huckster with the Nutrition For Life multi-level marketing program.


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              Let me bother y'awl with an anecdotal tale of how a "Natural Cure" did "cure" and improve a debilitating health condition of mine.

              Several years ago, I was in a situation where a Nigerian coughed in my face. (Don't read anything into that, other than I was exposed to a set of germs/viruses/ evil bugs for which I apparantly had little or no resistance).

              Back in California, I devloped a full blown upper respiatory infection that crawled down into my bronchial tubes. It was a freeking horror story.

              OK, short version is that I was left with an incredibly tenacious sinus infection which had me coughing up phlegm, tenacious sputum, bloody snot and similar ghastliness by the tablespoon load, numerous times a day.

              Over a period of a year or so, they threw every anibiotic in the book at it, Z-Packs, even rounds of prednisone and other steriodal sprays, Entex, Clariten, and on-and-on! They swabbed, they x-rayed, they examined, allergy tests (no allergies), they consulted and they finally said maybe its a neoplasm (cancer).

              Now, please take my world on this, I am not a hypochondriac, don't doctor all that much, and am generally disguctingly healthy compared to mya ge and gender cohorts. But, I was not doing well. I really thought that I might have some weird African bug that was going to do for me.

              Then my masters assigned my to Missouri for some obscure reason taht I can't divulge. But, I went to a doctor there for my condition and told her my tale of woe and asked if there was anything at all taht could be done for me short of taking me out back and putting me down and sending for the knacker.

              That day, she launched me a miracle cure.

              She told me taht after the hundred year floods in the midwest that people in the Mississippi Valley, and elsewre in the country, were suffering reactions to molds and spores and pollens that had been dromant in the environment for more than a hundred years and that she knew of a way to overcome that, and that she thought it would help me with my problem.

              Here it is. One tablespoon of pickling salt (no impurities)and one teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a quart of water and using a baby syringe liberally spray the compound in each nostril two to three times a day.

              It workd! Problem went away, and I have had no more serious sinus problems, or upper respiatory problems since. Yes, I catch colds, yes I have the occasional siuns clogginess or headache, but not more of those horrible drainage, build up of bloody mucas problems. none.

              I keep my compound in a plastic quart refrigerator jar in the shower with a plastic glass and each moring I pour about a cup full into the glass and do the squirt, squirt while in the shower. It is addictive it feels so good.

              No more money for entex, claritin, rhutuss, steroid sprays and so forth.

              The first few times you do this you'll think you're going to drown or choke to death. It like when you were a kid in the pool and breathed in a bunch of water. But, after a few days you get the knack.

              The first time I did it, it must have broke free a cup full of yaaarrgh! But, each day there was less and less.

              I know breath through my nose again, have more energy, don't cough all the time and etc, etc.

              So, my point is this: some of those so-called Natural Cures work wonders where western medicine fails or comes up short. But, I would exercise extreme caution, our frontiers graves and the Oregon trail is still littered with the bones of those for whom "Natural Cures" didn't suffice.


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                It's good to hear that a Natural Cure worked for you, and that you're feeling better.

                I wasn't putting down Natural Cures above, just an infomercial marketeer who was selling a book that didn't really list cures, but instead directed people to his pay website for more information.

                A good friend of mine is a non-classical Homeopath, and I know that Natural Cures work. She's used them on me!

                Take Care & Be A Bare,


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                  Never underestimate the power of placebo....but also never be willing to pay too much for it.

                  The fact that this guy wants people to pay for access to some wealth of information that he could not have reasearched himself is....shady. Maybe he should write a book, so we can sit and read it at Barnes & Nobles then put it back on the shelf before we leave. If you are looking for information on "natural cures", Andrew Weil has done much research out of the University oF Arizona, it is his lifes mission to weed out the good from the bad and quanitfy results.

                  And as USMC1 demonstrated.....when formal medicine fails to find a cure, GO ALTERNATIVE. I always remind my patients that medicine doesn't have all the answers.


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                    Yeah, about the hustling aspect of this. there's also a book out that extolls the "Miraculeous Powers of Vinegar" which I'm certain that if one searced the stacks of any large library one could find the source of all taht information without buying or reading the book.

                    I hope no one took my anecdote as being supportive of the book in the topic, I'm with those who sense the scam.

                    Here's another quick anecdotal tale about a natural cure that did not work. This was long ago, right after WWII had been fixed and Dillenger and his boys had gone and I was but a tad.

                    Down in Southern Illinois in a very small village deep in the area know as a Little Egypt I was playing Tarzan in my aunt's cherry tree, a limb snapped and when I hit the ground so too did my wrist.

                    My granparents, poor as Pentecostal church mice and the nearest doctor being some 30 miles away and having no telephone sent for my uncle who had "claimed" to have been a medic in Patton's army.

                    They decided they could pull it, the break, into place and wrap it in brown (kraft) paper soaked in vinegar and tied tight with twine. Now understand these were not "dumb" peopel, me granny was the first woman to graduste from Enfield College (more of a finishing school, I think)but they had no TV, no electricty, water from a well, and and no indoor plumbing, their parents had lived and fought through the civil war--they were ignorant and uninformed, and believed in "country wisdom" and "home remedies".

                    I know that is part of the attraction for these sort of books, that somehow we have "lost" important knowledge that is being kept from us by "THEM" AND "THEY".

                    My wrist, eventually "healed" with an odd little lump where wrist joins hand so that I can't wear a watch on it, and despite years of exercise, never seems as strong as the other.

                    My uncle, well this is the same bird that swore that if one were bitten by a rattlesanke all one needed to do was to slice an X into the bite and urinate into the cut, the poison would be washed away.

                    Hell's fire, I loved those people, but it is a damn wonder that any of us kids made it to adulthood.

                    Someday, I'll tell you about square baling in August at age ten.


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                      Hey usmc1, I too don't think that the information in the cited work is the "be all" and I haven't looked into getting a copy so I don't know about any shady aspects there ... but I have never and will never "fall" for any infomercial about anything.
                      My post was about not dismissing out-of-hand, alternative treatments.
                      I sense he is trying to make a buck ... who isn't these days ... but to call it a scam, well only if you fall for it.
                      Besides as you and others noted all that is contained in the book from the excerpts I've perused can be found in any small town library or by asking grandma.


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                        Here's another natural cure for anyone who thinks they need laxatives. (I read this one in a Doctor's syndicated newspaper column.)

                        2 cups miller's bran
                        2 cups unsweetened applesauce
                        1 cup unsweetened prune juice
                        Mix together thoroughly and refrigerate
                        Take two tablespoons, once daily

                        You will experience smooth, comfortable regularity, without the dangerous side effects of prolonged laxative usage.

                        It works great, though miller's bran can be a bit hard to find.