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Thickheaded Government?

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  • Thickheaded Government?

    The US Fish and Wildlife Service once again last December rejected efforts to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in Nevada, despite general agreement among biologists that the last confirmed sighting of one in the state was 1941.

    Your government at work, folks?

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    I maybe wrong, but I don't think the US Fish and Wildlife Service has anythng to do with endangered species lists. Thay may have a say, but as far as enforcing, I don't think they do that. The ones who would enforce such activities would be Environmentalists, Animal Rights Activists, or any other agency.


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      Why remove legal protections for the gray wolf? It isn't inconceivable that one could migrate into Nevada - if it should, should it not be protected?

      Stranger things have happened, there have been numerous cougar sightings in southwest Michigan, and one was recently captured in Minnesota.



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        The US Fish and Wildlife Service most certainly is the enforcer of the Endangered Species Act.
        The types of groups you mention are the squeaky wheels that make sure the FWS does its job as directed by the law.

        And MArk is correct, why would it matter to leave the Grey Wolf on the list? If there are none there to worry about there is still none there to worry about.


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          The US Fish and Wildlife Service initiates, regulates, and monitors endangered species. Other environmental groups assist in recommending species that are endangered. US Fish and Wildlife Service have strict rules before a species can be classified as endangered.

          The following link has great information on the US Fish and Wildlife's endangered species listing:



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            The Fish and Wildlife Service is the compiler and enforcer of the endangered lists.

            The gray wolf is not on the endangered lists in other areas.
            In fact their population has exploded and they are increasing the size of their territory (much to the chagrin of cattle ranchers).

            The thickheadedness comes into play when the agency won't remove the species from the list in a state where no gray wolves have been since 1941 and you go over the state line and the gray wolf is not on the list there and there gray wolves all over the place.

            The agency says it's the wording of the law and their hands are tied.
            yep, that's government for ya!


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              More than likely in the scheme of our huge government delisting a species is low on the "to do" list.