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    Why is there no running discussion on the baseball season or anything like that?

    Let me just say that watching my pitched-deprived Royals this season has been excrusiating.

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    My Bowling team won the city championship last night.

    The Timberwolves are looking good in the playoff's.

    The Twins are doing pretty good too.

    Oh yeah. And the Vikings havn't lost a game in months.


    All is good in Minnesota.



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      Baseball? Bah!

      Its Hockey Playoffs right now! That is MUCH more important than baseball!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]



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        Good point. I say Flyers over the Lightning in seven, Sharks over the Flames in six, and Flyers over Sharks in seven.

        Please forgive me, but as a lifelong KC Royals fan, I am suffering...


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          you mean there is a naked baseball team?? now that would be intersting....


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            I'm sorry, but when I watch one of my threads fade into oblivion, I have to do something to rescue it.

            What does everyone think of all recent trades in the NBA? (Shaq's in Miami, Vlade's back with the Lakers, etc.)


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              Well, I see the Cubbies are taking their annual 'fall dive' already, and this is still July!!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img]


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                Small market baseball teams like Montreal (my team), Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee have no chance to win a World Series.
                Would like to see other teams, besides the Yankees and Braves, in the playoffs.

                Too bad Shaq and his wife had to leave L.A. to find a nude beach in the Miami area.


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                  Why not invite Lance Armstrong to join the nude bike ride? How about a coast to coast bicycle relay in the nude?


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                    If you invite Lance, you have to invite Sheryl Crow also. Tandem bikes (or in this case all-over "tan" dem bikes) would be in order !!!!


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                      Two questions:

                      Besides maybe a handful of gymnasts, are there any other famous nudist athletes?

                      Who here thinks the Yankees should stick it where the sun don't shine?


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                        I've been away for a while. I've actually been home in the states for about 3 weeks and am now back to work. I happened to miss the baseball All-Star game. My wife and I were eating dinner in a local's casino at the time and I missed watching it. Who won the game?



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                          This got touched upon on another thread but for those of you interested this is Playboys' 2004 NFL picks:
                          AFC East- New England
                          AFC North- Cincinnati
                          AFC South- Indianapolis
                          AFC WEST- DENVER (YEAH BABY!)
                          Wild Cards- Tennessee, Kansas City

                          NFC East- Philadelphia
                          NFC North- Green Bay
                          NFC South- New Orleans
                          NFC WEST - Seattle
                          Wild Cards- St.Louis, Dallas(Anyone but the Cowboys [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img])
                          In the Superbowl it will be the Pats over the Seahawks!


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                            "anyone but the Cowboys"

                            I am a Canadian whose favourite team is the Cowboys.
                            The Cowboys are known as America's team, yet R.M. Greenman2 is not a Cowboys fan.

                            How strange is the above?
                            Perhaps, sorrow after a certain Super Bowl victory/defeat?
                            Just joshing.


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                              My picks:

                              AFC East- New England
                              AFC North- Pittsburgh
                              AFC South- Indianapolis
                              AFC West- Kansas City
                              Wild Cards- Tennessee, Denver

                              NFC East- Philadelphia
                              NFC North- Green Bay
                              NFC South- New Orleans
                              NFC West - Seattle
                              Wild Cards- St. Louis, Chicago

                              Super Bowl XXXIX: Pats over Eagles, 27-24

                              Bengals in the playoffs? Good one!