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  • Where is the debate?

    Where is the debate?

    There are 3 individuals whom dengenerate every thread they post in to a "pissing contest" with every one else posting. There are more but they are not as frequent posters as the trio.
    Along with others I have begun to refer to them by numbers to save time, such as they deserve no better. They each have no concept of nudism, though one claims to be a nudist.

    There are a few threads that none of the three have posted in and those threads have an open exchange. Many differing opinions and thoughts are expressed and discussed on those threads. I would like to see all threads return to debate on the topic and a stop to the tangents that have nothing to do with the topic. Does any here agree?

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    I am in complete agreement.


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      People respond directly to the posts of the famous three so there must be some considerable interest in their points of argument or dissagreement.

      I think that when people stop responding to what they post then they will stop posting.

      I have often posted some pretty stupid comments and been ignored. Being ignored makes one feel unwanted. When I start a new topic and it goes on for pages and pages that makes me feel good.




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        I agree...we should ignore the "infamous three". It is just some of their moronic blather is a bit hard too at times.

        I have been one to answer some of the more insipid garbage they spout off on. I do attempt to ignore them and shall try to do a better job of it as should we all, only responding if they post something so idiotic it needs attention.
        I encourage others to do the same.
        Be Free, Be Nude


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          I too agree with the three of you posters on this subject. I tend to ignore or not post at all when the infamous three take over a thread.

          The thing that troubles me is that so many here try to convince these three of the joys and benefits of nudism and they either argue against everything you say or begin slinging the mud. Why do so many give them the time and energy?

          I don't and won't.


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            Same here,

            I tend to avoid the topics that the infamous three take over. I try very hard not to respond. Most of the time I don't even bother to read their posts but occaisionally I get so worked up over it I have to respond. It is a shame to because some of these topics really do interest me but not when I have to wade through ten pages of crap to get the nuggets of wisdom buried there.


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              When I see that any one of the three has replied I usually don't click on the subject. I get tired of the constant bickering between Mike and Sandy. Although I don't understand why Stu is here, at least he is intelligent and polite--unlike the other two.


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                Hi guys,

                I will cut to the chase. Aspersions, factionalism and veiled insults don't add a lot to a group either, regardless of who casts them. In my current placement in a primary school (I am a student-teacher), I get to see the like daily. The advice "if he annoys you, don't sit near him" seems to take a long time for children to learn.

                It takes two to tango and as pointed out, posting back to someone you obviously disagree with is going to end in anger. But some people enjoy dancing. And they have just as much right to be here as you.

                Your choice(s) not to reply to those people you are against seem the best if you are really so against them. But doing this "ganging up" thing seems rather immature.

                I am investigating the "ignore" function (which is accessible through pressing "View Info" on a person's posts). I will tell you how it goes.

                Mountain Goat


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                  I get just as exasperated as anyone else at times, but I try to follow the principle, "Play the ball, not the man".

                  Some people stubbornly refuse to accept overwhelming evidence on a subject, but that can say more about themselves than it does about the quality of the evidence. Sometimes they will explain the origin of their attitude, a fundamental belief or a childhood experience.

                  Both Stu and Sandy have recently started sensible threads, both of which got plenty of good feedback. Unfortunately, Stu's topic fell victim to the incessant bickering which plagues too many threads. This type of nonsensical and abusive name-calling is the only thing which really annoys me and I believe it should be dealt with far more promptly and decisively than it currently is. But this is up to the administrators and it's up to us to keep telling them so.

                  It concerns me that many good people are probably put off from coming here because of some of the hurtful things which get said repeatedly by just a handful of people.


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                    One thing that probably discourages new people from posting is that when a new person asks a question that's been asked before he's attacked by some thoughtless imbecile. Whenever a new person says he's a teenager someone questions whether or not he's telling the truth. We claim to want young people here, but when someone says "I'm 14 years old", and he writes well and can spell, someone says "I don't believe you. I think you're an adult pretending to be a teenager." What says a teenager can't write well and know how to spell? I could as a teenager. My daughter at age 13 won a spelling bee, and they come up with words I've never heard of before.

                    Also, when new people read all the bickering, name-calling, and certain people telling us how repulsive nudity is, I'm sure it chases them away.


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                      So very true, who's to say a young person cannot spell or think and write well, who's to say we "old" persons can?


                      I posted bemoaning the fact that the thread was hijacked and was attacked by its originator yelling to add to the post. I added my thoughts that All beaches should be open to ALL persons at ALL times and was attcked by the other non-nudist, who for some reason thinks all are as she is and if you disagree you are a young kid with no intellegence. With these type responses it is no wonder most attempt to ignore them.

                      Mountain Goat

                      I have not any luck with the ignore feature, please let us know if it works and let us know how to make it so.
                      I do not believe that asking for others to ignore most of the postings of the infamous three is "ganging up" on them...most do it anyway...all persons are free to reply or not reply if they choose to do so.


                      Yes it is a tragedy one is forced to wade through so much garbage to find the jewels...C'est le vivre...if only the threads hijacked could be returned to topic instead of cut off.


                      Fortunately most people have lives and do other things than sit at the keyboard and do not post all the time, Unfortunately that leaves the infamous three and a few regular posters not to say they don't have lives as well, so unless we start a new thread for every person to post only their own thoughts and ideas on we will occasionally respond to the three in question here.

                      Thanks to all who have posted on this thread to this point. Although, I think we are in basic agreement on this thread different points have been raised and hopefully can be debated without the rancour that has become too common along other threads.

                      Be Free, Be Nude.


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                        My feelings are if the 'infamous three' decide to hijack a thread, the best way to get rid of them is to simply ignore them. I know, I have ran up against them at one time or another, but it just gives them fuel for prolonging the threads.

                        One of the best methods of stopping the hijackings and personal attacks, is to just turn them into the moderators. That method is very effective, as I have found out.

                        Talking and debating about nudist issues is one thing, but attacking others for no apparent reason is quite another. I feel it is our right to debate, but when it comes to attacking each other on their personal beliefs, then it is time to pull the plug on them.

                        There are a great many friends here that I would now consider family (I know hw does). To have these debates ran by "nudist authorities who lack the knowledge" is a thing that shouldn't have to happen. We, hw and myself, enjoy these threads very much and plan on sticking around for awhile. One day, we hope to meet up with some of you, nude or not, but at least put a live person with a name.


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                          We just made a decision here at INA. We hired a full time person who starts Wednesday, 6-9-2004. His only job is to answer emails and handle forum problems. Please hang in there until then. His name is Mat Sands at [email protected]. He is upgrading the forum software so certain user's posts go to him first for review before going online.


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                            Great idea, Corky. Thanks.


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                              Thank you very much for your post about implementing the new system which, I believe, will keep the posts on the forum ethical.

                              I, too, was getting so very tired of the garbage some persons put out, that I hesitated to come to the forum. This news makes me very glad. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.