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Highway Mishap on I-95

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  • Highway Mishap on I-95

    A trucker was sitting in his rig on I-95 just south of Washingtion DC.
    Traffic was at a dead stop both north and south.
    As he sat wondering what the heck was going on to snarl traffic up so completely a man came up to his window and knocked on it.
    Rolling down the window the trucker asked the man what was going on.
    The man said, "Terrorists have just kidnapped bush, cheney, rumsfled, ashcroft, gonzales, rice, robertson, falwell, coulter, o'reily, hannity and limbaugh and have threatened to douse them with gasoline and set them on fire if the don't get a ransom of a billion dollars. We're going car to car to get people to give something."
    "Oh my," said the trucker, "what's everyone giving?"
    The man replied, "About a gallon."